“Countdown to Coverage” is a four step campaign inspired by the great work of two CWA leaders: Dave Felice and Madelyn Elder. It begins with sending letters to the editor or Op-Ed pieces about the TPP and fast track to every major U.S. newspaper. It will culminate in a day of petition deliveries in January (date TBD.)  We have a host page for the campaign with an electronic tool that identifies papers within a range by zip code, and delivers the letters automatically.

Here’s the link: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/1987/letter/?letter_KEY=1515

Step 1: Build and send a letter or Op-Ed to your newspaper. The letter tool comes with a selection of paragraphs you can cut and paste, and combine with your own comments if you choose. Takes maybe 15 minutes to create and send one to your targeted newspaper electronically.

Step 2: Track whether or not the paper where you send your letter or Op-Ed, actually runs it. This is the only one that takes a little effort. You can either call the paper, or just watch to see if it runs. We set a timetable of 10 days, then ask you to launch Step 3. This is important, as it begins the ACCOUNTABILITY phase – the most important steps in the campaign.

Step 3: If within 10 working days the paper has run the letter or Op-Ed, there is a reporting feature on the Host Page for you to share a link to the letter. If the paper has not run it, or has rejected it, you may report that there as well. There will be a U.S. Map on the page where we will plot the newspaper coverage of TPP (or lack thereof). 

Note: though not an actual step in the campaign outline, we’re inviting those who already know of stories that have run, to share links to them so we can get them on the map. We will be taking note of which newspapers are actually covering the story, and which are simply running “Pro-TPP Propaganda.” The former will be thanked and the latter will receive the same petitions as those who don’t cover it at all. (We’ll work with a few individual petitioners on these unique petitions if they need assistance)

Step 4: Visit the host page again and choose the language for one of two petitionseither thanking a paper for publishing the piece, or calling them out for ignoring the story. Then click to go to the MoveOn Petition site and post. Share your petition with friends and through social media and any other methods available to you. Gather as many signatures as possible.

There will be a day of petition deliveries announced for sometime in January.

We have not announced a petition delivery date to the newspapers yet because we:

A. Want to make sure we have a solid number of petitions to deliver from coast to coast so that we can send out a general press release, reach out through HuffPost and  have individual petition hosts contact their local media (especially TV stations) in every city, to get coverage when they march over to the newspaper offices  


B. Don’t want that action to interfere in any way with the Fast Track petition delivery event being coordinated by Public Citizen, in which we plan to participate (by sharing the signatures from mine, below) and encourage every other progressive partner we can wrangle to come on board!  I believe PDA is already working on getting CREDO to join us, and I plan to reach out to other organizations that I know have petitions as well. We will let everybody know as soon as Public Citizen has informed us of the date they want to do this, and what they would like allies to do in support! 🙂

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