#NoNAFTA2 Twitter Storm – On Saturday, Sept. 23, Round 3 of NAFTA negotiations will begin in Canada. We want to receive them with a powerful Twitter Storm on Saturday from 8-9pm ET that will let them know there is resistance to any trade deals negotiated behind closed doors. Help promote the Twitter Storm by tweeting a reminder, just click here!

October Protest at DC Negotiations – We are preparing to have a direction at the October NAFTA negotiations in DC from October 11-15. We are going to let negotiators know that we will oppose any revival of the TPP in any new trade deals. For more information follow the Facebook event.

GM autoworker strike the ‘poster-child’ for NAFTA problems
The strike—which began on Sunday night after negotiations broke down – is largely about protecting Canadian jobs from being outsourced to Mexico, Unifor president Jerry Dias told BNN in an interview on Monday. “We are absolutely gun-shy,” Dias said about Unifor’s negotiations with GM. “When you have a plant in Mexico that pays their workers $2 an hour and they can’t even afford to buy the cars that they build, then you’ve got a real problem. So, CAMI, this whole strike is the poster child for what’s wrong with NAFTA, this is why we need to redo NAFTA.” Information from Business News Network.

Mexico: End of NAFTA would not be end of US-Mexico trade
“Mexico is much bigger than NAFTA,” Videgaray said in an interview with Reuters. “If the negotiation does not go well, it would not be the end of trade between Mexico and the United States…There would be no leap into the abyss,” he said, arguing that World Trade Organization tariffs would govern trade post-NAFTA. Videgaray has said that Mexico would walk away from the talks if Trump followed through on a threat to trigger a 180-day countdown to scrap NAFTA as a negotiating tactic. Information from Reuters.

Democrats warn NAFTA reform dead without their support

Top Democratic lawmakers warned the Trump administration Tuesday that any reform of the North American Free Trade Agreement has to include their objectives for it to have any hope of passing Congress. “We want to work with the administration to ensure that working people have a seat at the table,” said Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., during a press conference hosted by the liberal group Public Citizen. “The support of the House Democrats is essential to crafting and passing a deal through Congress.” Information from Washington Examiner.

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