A history of Anti-NAFTA music

TPP, TTIP, TiSA Archive Videos:

Wikileaks’ The Three Big T’s: TPP, TTIP, TiSA are the same thing (8:22)
Expose the TPP’s “TPP: The Dirtiest Deal You’ve Never Heard Of” (2:40)
Lee Camp-Comic takes on TPP, TTIP, TiSA
Lee Camp’s “TPP Moment of Clarity” (4:02)
AFL-CIO’s “Workers Speak Out on the TPP” (2:15)
ORFTC’s “What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership?” (4:00)
Ana Tijoux’s “No al TPP” (3:19)
Doctors without Borders’ “Hands Off Our Medicine” (2:15)
Friends of the Earth’s “Peril in the Pacific” (11:11)
Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy’s “Fast Track to an Empty Basket” (2:01)
Consumers International’s “Let’s Stop the TPP” (3:14)
Sierra Club’s “What is the TPP” (1:37)
Video on ISDS (5:54)