Twitter Lunch with Rep. Michael Froman — Call Out the TPP!

Twitter Lunch with Rep. Michael Froman -- Call Out the TPP!

From our allies at CWA:

Last week, we asked you to welcome the US Trade Rep., Michael Froman, to Twitter. This week, we’d like to continue the conversation. We’ve prepared a few new tweets, which you can find below.

This week, starting on Thursday 4/3 at noon ET, we are focusing on how the TPP undermines US sovereignty. The TPP would allow corporations to challenge any law that impacts their “expected future profits” under so-called Investor-State Dispute Settlement procedures. These challenges would be heard before special UN and World Bank tribunals and could require taxpayer payouts to the corporation. This process undermines our national sovereignty and subverts democratically passed laws including those dealing with labor, health, and the environment while elevating corporations to near statehood.


.@MikeFroman corps. R not nations.  #TPP allows corps. 2 challenge US laws that impact ‘expected future profits.’

.@MikeFroman with the #TPP, corporations can challenge environmental protection, labor standards and more.

Hey @MikeFroman, why are we elevating corporations to sovereign nations with the #TPP?

A French firm used the investor state clause to challenge Egypt’s minimum wage. Why is this included in the #TPP?

Phillip Morris hid behind investor state 2 undermine public health laws in Australia & Uruguay. Y put it in the #TPP?

.@MikeFroman, corporations already have enough power. Why are we giving them more with the #TPP?

.@MikeFroman, countries negotiating the #TPP represent 38% of world’s economic activity. Y give corps. so much power?

.@MikeFroman If #CitizensUnited made corporations people, #TPP will make them countries.