#TPPTuesday Targets Chevron in San Francisco

#TPPTuesday Targets Chevron in San Francisco

A group of people concerned about energy extraction and food safety demonstrated outside of a Chevron station yesterday. The action was orgaized by Global Exchange and Food and Water Watch. They talked about corporate access to the text of the TPP while the public and most members of Congress are left out.

Here is their report and some photos:

“The rally was great – the location and timing was good, lots of passing foot and car traffic, and people heading into the Chevron were receptive. We even spoke to the manager of the station who wanted folks to know that the business was locally owned. Through talking about the TPP, he agreed that the text should be public. There were new faces at the rally, and we got sign ups for the Social Media Action Committee (hyper link: http://www.globalexchange.org/blogs/peopletopeople/2013/07/02/break-the-silence-on-the-tpp/ if possible) – so the work will continue to bring the TPP out from the shadows before it hits Congress.”

TPP chevron environment


TPP chevron food safety


TPP chevron group2

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