President Obama has now formally requested Fast Track (Trade Promotion Authority) from Congress. Fast Track would grant the President the full power to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership and sign it. The President, through the office of the US Trade Representative and with the help of more than 600 corporate advisers, has been negotiating the TPP largely in secret for the past three years. If the President is granted Fast Track, then Congress would only have the ability to vote on the TPP after the President has signed it.

The Constitution gives Congress the responsibility to negotiate trade. If Congress gives this responsibility up, then we will not know what is in the text of the TPP and will not have hearings or debate on it.

It is likely that Congress will vote on Fast Track in both the House and Senate in late September. Members of Congress are in their home districts now until September 8.

We must move quickly to tell Congress to say “No!” to Fast Track and to demand transparency and a democratic process for the largest and most wide-reaching trade agreement in history.


1. Sign this petition on to tell President Obama that the people demand transparency and a democratic process for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Click here to sign it.

2. Join the #TPPTuesday twitter party tonight, August 20, from 9 to 10:30 pm to learn more about Fast Track and to increase awareness of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Use the hashtag #TPPMediaMarch to join the twitter party.

3. Visit the Tools section of the website to find a letter that you can download and personalize to give to your member of Congress. You will also find ideas for creative actions and how to bird-dog.

Then share this email with people you know so that we can expose the secret TPP.



Every #TPP Tuesday: There will be a #TPPTuesday twitter party to cover different issues and to answer your questions about the way the TPP will affect issues that you care about. Next Tuesday, Aug. 20, the topic will be health care. Watch for more information on the FlushtheTPPand TPPTuesdaysMarchOnMedia Facebook pages.

Constitution Day on September, 17: We are asking members of Congress to declare whether they will uphold their Constitutional responsibility to oversee trade and promise to vote “No” on Fast Track by Tuesday, September 17. On that day, constituents will either “Thank” members who promise to vote “No” or will “Spank” members who will not make that promise by exposing their corporate donors. Make plans for September 17 by contacting your member of Congress now to find out how they will vote and contacting your neighbors to plan an event for that day.











TPP Action Camp September 21 to 24:
Let us know if you can join us in Washington, DC for a TPP Action camp with Bill Moyer of the Backbone Campaign on Sat and Sun, Sept. 21 and 22. On the 23rd and 24th we will use creative spectacle actions to bring the TPP out of the shadows. Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested.

And remember to order or download and print TPP OccuCards – a quick way to provide people with the basics of the TPP and where they can learn more.


Thank you for joining the effort to stop the TPP!
The Flush the TPP Team

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