In mid-May, the US International Trade Commission will release its report on the economic impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This pro-“Free Trade” body generally paints a rosier economic picture for trade agreements than what occurs in reality. For example, the USITC estimated that the recent US-Korea trade agreement would increase exports by $10 to 11 billion and create 70,000 jobs. Instead, in year three of the agreement, the trade deficit with Korea grew by $11.8 billion and 75,000 jobs were lost.

We are launching a TPP Truth campaign to get the truth out about the real and devastating impacts that the TPP will have on jobs, wages, the economy, the wealth divide and more.

See the People’s Economic Impact Statement for the TPP:

Click here to read it or download a copy here PeoplesEconomicImpactStatementforTPP (1)

Here how you can spread the TPP Truth:

  1. Hold a teach in or rally, invite speakers who can speak about the economic impacts of failed trade agreements. If you create an event, let us know so that we can post it on the Action Map. Click here.
  2. Hand out flyers about the TPP in a high-traffic public space or at a local meeting/event and urge people to call Congress members to tell them to reject the TPP.
  3. Schedule a visit with your member of Congress (they will be home the first week of May) to go over the People’s Economic Impact Statement with them.
  4. Spread the word through social media. Use the hash tag #StopTPPLies.

And, at every event, urge people to sign up for the No Lame Duck Uprising this November to stop Congress from voting on the TPP legislation after the elections. Details to come!