TPP text is released and it worse than we thought. Read the text here. The deal will undermine worker protections, environmental and food regulations, access to medicine, internet freedom, and give corporations the right to sue governments for any law that gets in the way of their profits. Activists call for major protests in Washington DC from November 14-18.


AFLCIO Release: TPP is bad for workers

CWA Release:

Doctors without Borders:

Fight for the Future: TPP threatens internet freedom and digital rights

FlushtheTPP Preliminary Release:

Friends of the Earth Release:

NRDC Release: TPP Should be rejected

Open Media Release: TPP threatens internet freedom

Popular Resistance: Activists respond to TPP text release with protests planned

Pride at Work: TPP Fails the Test for LGBT Concerns

Public Citizen Press Release:

Public Citizen Analysis of Key Chapters
Sierra Club Full analysis:
Teamsters Release:

United Steel Workers Release: TPP threatens worker protections



Common Dreams Article: Concrete evidence this hurts people

EcoWatch Article: TPP text shows deal will hurt food safety

Telesur article: TPP hurts democracy–20151105-0015.html

Sydney Morning Herald: climate change not mentioned

Jane Kelsey Responds to Text Being Released:

Breitbart on Immigration in TPP:


Washington Post:

New York Times:
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