The commercial media had a virtual black out of the TPP for years and continues to cover it inadequately. Think about it – the TPP, TTIP and TiSA will fundamentally alter the global power dynamic so that multinational corporations can sue over laws to protect the health and safety of our communities and the planet. TiSA is the largest treaty in history. And the treaties are being negotiated with unprecedented secrecy. These should be major topics in the news, but they are not.

One of the ways that the movement to stop these treaties has succeeded in making the public aware of them is through citizen’s media – letters to the editor, radio programs, blogs and social media. Here are tips for you to participate in the citizen media!

Become a TPP Media Mobilizer:

People across the country are working together to get the word out about the TPP, TTIP, and TiSA. Click here to learn more or to join!

Media page for the February 4 day of actions here.

Write a letter to the editor or an Op/Ed

Respond to relevant articles in your local newspaper with a letter to the editor that mentions the TPP. Because the TPP affects so much – food, water, health, jobs, the economy, the Internet and more – there should be plenty of opportunities for you to work it into your letter. Check out the Tools for Education page to find information about ways the TPP will impact specific issues.

Click here for more helpful tips for writing your letter to the editor.

Click here for helpful tips on how to increase the chances of getting your letter published.

Alternatively, you can contact the editors of your local paper and request permission to submit an OpEd. These tend to be longer than a letter to the editor and focus on a specific issue.

Click here for specific information on submitting an OpEd to your local paper.

Click here for a sample OpEd.

Use this new tool which makes it easy to submit a letter to the editor: Click here

Sample Letters to the Editor:

Trade Deals Threaten Our Democratic Principles

Treaty’s Consequences

The Many Failings of the TransPacific Partnership


TPP Tuesday Twitter Storms

Since the TPP has been negotiated in secret, one goal is to educate as many people as possible about it. In order to mobilize people to organize educational events, some people organize #TPPTuesdays, weekly actions to draw attention to the treaty. This doesn’t mean every action has to be on a Tuesday. People decide what  works best for their local area or organization. The goal is to be visible and to educate.

One regular TPP Tuesday event is the Twitter Storm. If you know how to tweet, click here for the instructions and we’ll see you on twitter!

Click here for sample tweets that you can copy and post.


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