This page has some tools and resources that will help to organize and execute a range of creative and direct actions that target Congress, corporations, and big finance/banks. If you want to get plugged into action in your area and across the country take the pledge of resistance and join our biweekly national TPP Resistance phone calls

You can also join the Buycott for Trade Justice. Click here to learn how.

Here is information about the TPP Truth campaign: TPP TRUTH CAMPAIGN

You can also organize your own actions using some of the tools on this page! Just make sure to publicize your action, do social media, and submit your event on our action map so that others can see and get involved. It is often helpful to create a Facebook event page or an email list to promote your actions to a wide cross section of people. You can also reach out to groups already in your area who might be working on this. There are a wide range of groups that have pledged to fight TPP and 2009 organizations opposed to the deal. If you need help with your action contact us.

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CLICK HERE to see where your member of Congress stands on the TPP.

Pick a Target:

What makes sense in your area for a target? How did your Congress members vote on Fast Track in June 2015? Are there big corporations in your community that you can target? Maybe the public is your target and you want to do a visibility action like a highway banner hang to raise awareness. To stop secret treaties like TPP, TTIP, and TiSA we need to relentlessly apply pressure and raise awareness everywhere!

Pressure Congress:

Congress members are in a key position to stop the TPP because both the Senate and House will have a vote on it after the deal is completed. To counter the influence of Obama, big money, and corporate media we must apply pressure to Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate to make sure they stand firm against these dirty deals when they come to Congress.

List of how Congresspeople voted on Fast Track:

Click here for the House vote results.

Click here for the Senate vote results.

If your Senator or representative voted for Fast Track in June 2015 they might be a good target (especially if they are running for reelection). Even if members of Congress in your area voted against Fast Track you need to make sure they make stopping TPP a priority. You can do actions at their offices, at events they host/attend, at businesses they are friendly with, or even at their homes.

Call or meet your Senators and Reps: Calling often has a greater impact than emails or letters. Call the Capitol switchboard at 202 224 3121. Let staffers know how constituents are feeling about the TPP. Keep an eye out for national call in days or organize your own. Offer yourself as a resource to the staffer to provide information about the TPP. Send relevant articles. Try to set up meetings with their trade staffers. Always ask hard questions! Here are some tools for your meetings and calls.

Fact Sheet: Questions Congress Should Ask About the TPP

Birdogging: Show up at their public events that your Senators and Reps will be attending in your district, state, or in D.C. Know the issue and ask them tough questions to get them and the media thinking, something they are not accustomed to doing. Push them for an answer. If they don’t respond, ask again. Hound them over and over, everywhere they go. Record the response and let everyone know! For more on birdogging see these tips.

Pressure the Corporations involved:

Is there a corporation involved in the TPP (pretty much all of the big ones) that you could build awareness around? Where should you hold a protest? You can choose a corporate office like Monsanto, Boeing, or Peabody Coal who are pushing the TPP to expand their profits at the expense of people and the planet. Or you could protest at a corporate sales location like a Starbucks, Walmart, or Federal express.

Click here for a map of multinational corporations that could use ISDS provisions in the TPP to sue governments in the United States and other TPP countries. Below is a list of some of the more well-known corporations involved in drafting the TPP. And here is a full list of corporations backing the TPP.

Organizing/Strategy Resources:

Organizing for Power Resources
Story Based Strategy Resources
Need a trainer? Flood the System might be able to help!

Creative Action Ideas:

Actions can be as simple as passing out literature or holding signs in a public place, or more involved such as nighttime light projection on buildings or displaying giant banners on highway overpasses. Or consider some of these creative actions:

See Backbone Campaign’s toolkit for light projections, banner hangs, and more creative action ideas.
See Beautiful Trouble for other creative action/strategy ideas.

Direct Action Resources:

SOA Watch Handbook for NonViolent Direct Action
Ferguson Action Resources
Earth First Direct Action Manual

Jemez Principles for Organizing

How to organize a mass mobilization like Battle of Seattle
Article: Why was Battle of Seattle so White?
History of alter-globalization movement

Other Resources:

Check out fliers focused on specific issues on the Education Page.

Chants: TPPChants and here

Make your own stickers: Click here

Order or print TPP OccuCards: Click here