May 17, 2014, 4-5PM

Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall
55 Washington Square South @ Thompson Street, Manhattan, NYC
RSVP at or call (718) 218-4523
A. C. E. B.D, or F to West 4th Street, N/R to 8th St, or 6 to Astor

People’s movements are rising up to resist a new wave of  free trade agreements (FTAs) that threaten democracy and the commons on behalf of corporate interests under the guise of creating prosperity. The Trans-Pacific Partnership –- an FTA currently being negotiated between the US, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore,Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam –  is the most threatening FTA yet.

While TPP negotiations have been conducted with an unprecedented degree of secrecy, negotiating texts released via Wikileaks  suggest a trade agreement that threatens to:

– prohibit GMO bans and labeling laws, force countries to accept meat from animals fed dangerous drugs, and open the floodgates for toxic factory farmed imports.
– undermine the negotiating power of organized labor with the threat of offshoring jobs to hyperexploitative sweatshops.

– subject environmental, labor, animal welfare, and consumer protection laws to challenge in international tribunals where corporations can demand compensation for profits lost as a result of our public interest policies 

– keep lifesaving medicines unaffordable by expanding corporate drug patent rights, preventing the introduction of affordable generics to the marketplace 

– ban regulations on the financial industry 

– endanger family farms by forcing countries to eliminate protective tariffs and open their markets to corporate agribusiness exports 

– privatize or destroy public health care systems, public banks and other public resources.

Described as a “docking agreement” TPP, which will encompass 40% of the global economy with the countries already participating in negotiations, is designed to expand to to include additional nations including Taiwan, South Korea,and the Philippines.


The session will begin with panelists talking about the threat posed by TPP and other free trade agreements and will address resistance movements in Peru, the Philippines, Taiwan, and South Korea, as part of the ongoing fight against neoliberal trade policies After we hear from the panelists, we’ll talk about current efforts to fight TPP here in the US and right here in NY. Recalling the critical role anarchists played in the late nineties and early 2000s in the fight against the World Trade Organization and the Free Trade Area of the Americas, we’ll discuss ways that anarchists can contribute to the current fight to stop TPP and its European cousin, TTIP.

Organized by TradeJustice New York Metro
Visit our website at Email us at [email protected]

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