1tpptx1On January 12, 2016, the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Education Fund joined ARA members and partners, including People Demanding Action, FlushTheTPP.org, Popular Resistance.org, MoveOn and many others across the country to say, “VOTE ‘NO!’ on TPP.” The rally was held in front of the Earl Cabell Federal Building in Dallas.It was a beautiful day and many drivers honked and waved.

The Trans Pacific Partnership treaty, or TPP, has been written in such a way that, if passed, it would have a devastating impact on just about every aspect of our lives. The rally was held in advance of the President’s State of The Union Message that evening. President Obama was expected to attempt to provide a rationale as to why he wants Congress to pass the TPP.

1tpptx2There is no possible reason that would justify passage of this 5,400+-page document, written in secret over seven years by corporate executives and lawyers–without input from a single publicly elected representative. It is 29 chapters with deal-breaker after deal-breaker, the worst of which is contained in the Investment Chapter. It is called ISDS, or Investor-state Dispute Settlement, which would replace our entire legal system with corporate triads. The Trans-Pacific Partnership has no way of being changed, amended or undone, once passed.

1tpptx4Kit Jones, who participated in the November mobilization in DC, spoke about the problems with the TPP and her involvement in the movement to stop it. She said the TPP is a treaty, not just a trade agreement and so Congress should play a stronger role in creating and adopting it. Jones urges listeners not to be fooled by the President. See the video interview of Kit Jones below which includes the statement she read at the rally.




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