Flush the TPP Action Pledge

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a corporate power grab that threatens the economy, environment, public health and democracy itself. However, by acting in solidarity with people across the globe, we can stop it. In particular, we must prevent the TPP from being “Fast Tracked” through the U.S. Congress, bypassing the democratic process.

Our demands are simple:

  1. Make the text of the TPP public so that we know what is being negotiated in our names.
  2. Do not “Fast Track” the TPP, and instead hold public hearings in Congress to allow expert testimony and amendments, followed by a transparent and accountable voting process.

It is easy to pledge your support. Simply agree to take part in or help organize at least one local action or educational event during the time leading up to the TPP Round in North America this September.

If you do organize an action, be sure and list it on our Actions page, then come back and share with us your stories, videos and photos to inspire others.

Take the pledge and commit to one action this summer!

    I agree to participate in or help organize at least one TPP action this summer.
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Organizational Pledge Signers

Alliance for Democracy
The Backbone Campaign
Center for Radical Honesty
Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor
Common Frontiers Canada
Economic Liberty for Main Street
Family Farm Defenders
Green Party of Connecticut
Green Party of Monmouth
It’s Our Future, It’s Our Food
Just Foreign Policy
Green Shadow Cabinet
Milwaukee Clean Clothes Campaign
NJ State Industrial Union Council
NJ Labor Against War
Occupy National Gathering 2013
Occupy Spokane
Occupy San Miguel (de Allende)
Organic Consumers Association
Pennsylvania Fair Trade Coalition
Popular Resistance
Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition

Individual Pledge Signers

Kinte Alla, Atlanta, GA
Richard Allen, USA
Faye Bernstein, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Brad Blanton, Stanley, VA
Leah Bolger, Corvallis, OR
Howard Boyer, Grovetown, GA
Andrea Brower, Auckland, New Zealand
Frank Burton, Castro Valley, CA
Joyce A. Carlson, San Miguel de Allende, MX
Josefina Castillo, Austin, TX
Ellen Chall, Monsey, NY
Linda Chapman, Laurinburg, NC
Michael Cheverie Dewey, Fitchburg, MA
Amy Conahan, PA
Ronnie Cummins, Finland, MN
Dave Ewoldt, Tucson, AZ
Margaret Flowers, Washington DC
Carol Gay, Brick, NJ
G.T. Gerrard, Black River, NY
Gretchen Goodman, Omaha, NB
Mark Hackler, South Beloit, IL
Pamela Hall, Grass Valley, CA
Linda Jansen, Seattle, WA
Elizabeth Kauffman, Buffalo, NY
Stephen Kessler, Berkeley, CA
Martin Kupel, La Habra, CA
Matthew Mascolino, Fox River Globe, IL
Rolf Maurer, Stamford, CT
Bill Moyer, Vashon, WA
Robert Naiman, Urbana, IL
Carol Newman, Astoria, OR
Peter Paget, Ellensburg, W
Alexis Pankey, Durham, NC
Dave Petrovich, NJ
Nancy Price, Davis, CA
David Randall, Spokane, WA
Linda Riccobene, Stamford, CT
Kenneth Ruby, Israel
Arnie Saiki, Los Angeles, CA
Emanuel Sferios, Grass Valley, CA
Jackie Sheeler, NYC
Brad Smith, New York
Tracy Swenson, Nibley, UT
Cliff Valliere, Waltham, MA
Chris Warren, Victoria, BC, Canada
Mark Welkie, Enola, PA
Sue Williams, Slatington, PA
Cindy Wilmore, Austin, TX
Kevin Zeese, Washington DC

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