Tacoma, WA: Rally Against the TPP!

June 25, 2016

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On Saturday, June 25, hundreds will gather to demonstrate their unified opposition against what would be the largest free trade agreement in history: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP threatens our community by sending jobs overseas and giving corporations broad new rights to exploit and degrade the environment.

If the trade deal passes, new corporate-friendly rules would encourage multinational corporations to move overseas and ship goods back to the U.S., ultimately resulting in lost jobs, unprecedented trade deficits, falling wages, and increased climate emissions. This deal would expand the failed policies of past free trade agreements, like NAFTA, and ship good-paying jobs overseas to countries with lower labor and environmental regulations.

The TPP would also imperil our environment by giving foreign corporations the right to challenge policies designed to safeguard our air, water, and climate in unaccountable trade tribunals. This hinders our ability to form policy in the public interest and gives corporations a new tool to erode our democracy by challenging policies that would allegedly hinder their profits.

Join us to demonstrate your opposition to this dirty trade deal!

Hosted by a coalition of labor and environmental groups including the Sierra Club, Communications Workers of America, Washington Fair Trade Coalition, Blue Green Alliance, and others!