The U.S. has been secretly negotiating a massive new free trade agreement with 11 other countries. Also known as “NAFTA on Steroids,” the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership encompasses 40% of the global economy and stretches far beyond traditional trade issues. The TPP threatens national sovereignty, labor rights, small farmers, the environment, affordable healthcare, food safety, Internet freedom, and any chance at regulating Wall Street.  Sign the letter to let Congress know you won’t let them trade away our future.

While the Obama administration has given 600 corporations official “trade advisor” status, the public and Congress have been left in the dark. Rather than engage in transparent public dialogue and commit to democratic process, the Obama administration is pursuing “Fast Track”, a trade negotiating and approval process that circumvents Congressional oversight and public participation. If Fast Track is approved, Congress will lose its authority to debate and amend the TPP and will be forced to give the entire package an up or down vote. Negotiators are counting on Fast Track to push forward the TPP and its corporate agenda.

But it’s not too late! Congress must approve Fast Track in order for the Obama administration to continue these closed-door negotiations. Many congressional leaders have already expressed concern about Fast Track, and we can absolutely push them to make the right decision. Corporations have been tirelessly lobbying in favor of Fast Track for years—now we must rise up and make our voices heard.

Ask your Congressman/woman to stand with us and defend democracy by voting NO on Fast Track. 

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