#StopFastTrack: National Call-In Day, Jan. 21st!

#StopFastTrack: National Call-In Day, Jan. 21st!

After last year’s State of the Union address, we had our work cut out for us when it came to countering trade myths – from Obama’s supposed commitment to income inequality to the claim that Fast Track would “protect our workers, protect our environment.”

Last night, we saw yet another attempt to deny the real consequences dangerous free trade agreements have for our world’s communities. And today, thousands across the country are joining a national call-in day to tell the truth about Fast Track and the TPP.

Let’s make sure that the corporate-backed story about trade agreements isn’t the only one heard.

Visit stopfasttrack.com TODAY to remind Congress that their constituents don’t agree with President Obama when it comes to Fast Track and the TPP. And spread the word!


Check out some sample tweets to share:


– Flood the phone lines! Dial 888-804-8311 to join the national call-in day telling Congress #NoFastTrack for the #TPP stopfasttrack.com


– Join the “National Call-In Day against Fast Track” by dialing 888-804-8311 to tell Congress #NoFastTrack for the #TPP stopfasttrack.com


– Fight economic inequality by calling Congress at 888-804-8311 and demanding #NoFastTrack for the #TPP stopfasttrack.com


– Stand up for good-paying jobs & a healthy environment! Call Congress at 888-804-8311 & tell them #NoFastTrack for the #TPP


– DON’T JUST RT: Tell your Congressperson #NoFastTrack for the #TPP by dialing 888-804-8311 to participate in the national call-in day


– The corporate push for Fast Track is rolling full-steam ahead –> CALL CONGRESS NOW at 888-804-8311 to demand #NoFastTrack for the #TPP