Song: Imagine the TPP

Song: Imagine the TPP




You may remember NAFTA

Enemigo del maiz

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Won’t make us mas feliz

Attacking labor standards

Food safety and health care rights

You may say I’m no redeemer

But I’ve seen this all before

If we all work together

Dictadura corporativa will be no more


The TPP will trick you

Esta no olvides

This global bankers’ wet dream

Es NAFTA en esteroides

Local laws suspended

Environment, who cares?

You may say I’m a screamer

But before these guys are done

They’ll give our world to Wall Street

Agroindustria will have won


Trust the transnacionales

They have your back for sure

For healthy food and families

Monsanto is the cure

Imagine all the countries

Obeying Uncle Sam

You may say they’re all schemers

Hope they’re not the only ones

I hope today we’ll all join up

For the good of daughters and of sons


Imagine trade agreements

Good for earth, water, and air

Instead of corporate bullying

An economy that’s fair

Imagine all the people

With good food y buena salud

You may say es imposible

Corporations own the earth

But if we work together

Un mundo justo will be in birth

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