Register for the No Lame Duck Uprising

The time has come to stop the push to ratify the TPP this year.

President Obama is determined to fast track the TPP through the lame duck session of Congress this fall when he thinks that nobody is paying attention.

We can’t let that happen!

We are organizing actions in Washington, DC when Congress returns after the elections and we need you!

We will have sleeping space at a church in DC starting Saturday night, Nov. 12 for people who need to travel that day. The church will serve as our base for sleeping, eating and organizing during the week. It sleeps 50 people, and we can reserve a second church if necessary for up to 500 people.

We will have a day of training and preparation on Sunday, Nov. 13 and then we will take action from Nov. 14 to 17.

There will be roles for everyone – support roles, creating art and props, marching and more.

Please register using the form below and let us know if you can join us in DC.

On Nov. 17, members of Congress will return home to their districts. We need to continue to protest with local actions across the nation. Please let us know if you can participate in or organize a local action Nov. 21 to 23.

We know that this is the holiday season for some people, and Congress knows that too. That is why this is the time of year when they sneak through the worst bills.

We have the power to stop the TPP, but it will require making members of Congress fear a popular revolt.

If we win, this will be a tremendous show of popular power and a victory that will send us into the new year with momentum to start setting the political agenda on a wide range of issues, instead of allowing the elites to set it for their benefit.

Please spread the word about the No Lame Duck Uprising.

Contact us if you have questions at [email protected]