Tuesday, November 19, 12:45 – 1:45pm

101 Constitution Ave NW, DC

(outside the Charlie Palmer Steak House)

Join us for a rally and creative street theater to expose the bloody TPP deal. Raise your voice to protect the climate from corporate carnivores. Don’t butcher the planet!

This Tuesday, U.S. Trade Rep Mike Froman will be meeting with conservation groups to tout the alleged environmental benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership over a luncheon at the Charlie Palmer Steak House on Capitol Hill. Join us to tell U.S. Trade Rep Mike Froman: No Fast Track, No TPP, No deal with corporate carnivores!

Big Oil and dirty energy companies want to force-feed the TPP deal to Congress by using Fast Track, and protect free trade in dirty tar sands oil, coal and liquefied natural gas. Biotech giants like Monsanto are using the TPP to protect trade in genetically modified products and to restrict GMO labeling. Plus, the TPP would allow corporate carnivores to sue governments for hundreds of millions of dollars for the cost of complying with environmental and health regulations.

This massive trade pact threatens to butcher jobs, the climate, environmental safeguards, food safety and more — but the negotiations are held in secret and Mike Froman refuses to tell the public or press the bloody details of the pact. Join us to tell Froman: Skewer the TPP, not the planet!

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