Raging Grannies New Flush the TPP Song!

Raging Grannies New Flush the TPP Song!

We Raging Grannies sang out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership @ the Burlingame, California Green Street Fair on Sunday 9/15/13…  See the lyrics to our anti TPP song below and yes, we had toilet paper props!  Lots of people asked to take photos with us. Shout out to our biggest fan and fellow anti TPP activist Brent in photo #2.

Granny Ellyn explained the environmental implications of this bad deal to the audience before we sang… and at the end of our song we shouted FLUSH THE TPP!  Click here for more info on this issue.

SONG:  TransPacific Partnership Will Mess Us Up!

tune: Clementine

In a back room, there in D. C. they are COOKING UP  a deal

They say trade deal we say no deal,

Show us what the draft conceals.


Trans-Pacific Trans-Pacific Trans-Pacific partnership

not a trade deal but a bum deal we must stand up and resist***

Overturns of our good laws, food and safety and the rest

Privacy laws take a hit too

With no LAWS it’s quite a mess

[repeat chorus]

All Shout: Flush the TPP!

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