Public Comment Period: Tell the ITC “TPP is a Bad Deal!”

Public Comment Period: Tell the ITC

By Beth Allen of CWA.

The February 15 deadline to submit your comments is fast approaching and corporations and the one percent have already made it clear where they stand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). 

This is your opportunity to make sure members of Congress hear how the TPP will devastate our communities by making it easier for corporations to offshore good American jobs. 

Please take a minute to submit your comments to the International Trade Commission (ITC). 

Recently, three of the largest business lobbying groups declared their support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that will send thousands of U.S. jobs to other countries.

That’s no surprise. For years, corporate America has put the profits of CEOs over good jobs, consumer safety and the health of our environment.

I know you understand what’s at stake. Thanks to your help, we came within a few votes of stopping TPP in 2016. In order to defeat the TPP this year we need to make sure that Congress hears from ordinary Americans, not just the CEOs at the Chamber of Commerce.

As part of the TPP approval process, Congress has asked the US International Trade Commission to prepare a report that examines the economic impact of the TPP. The ITC is taking written comments from the public, and these comments will be an official part of the report.

Click here to submit your comment to make sure the ITC gets the real story – that the TPP will be devastating to American families and communities.

We can’t allow big business to have the last word on the TPP – and thanks to you we won’t.