Members of Congress will be in their home districts between February 12 through 21, 2016. 

FEEDBACK: Click here to let us know where your representative stands on the TPP

This is an important time to do something at your member’s office. Bring a group and meet with them, hold a rally outside the office or a protest if they are not against the TPP.

If they publicly oppose the TPP, ask them to speak out against it and to convince their colleagues to oppose it.

If they have not taken a position yet, push them to do so. You can deliver a copy of the letter signed by 1500 groups. Download it here: TPPOppositionLetter_010716 Or ask them to read the text of the TPP and take a position.

If they support the TPP, check out the Tools for Action page for ideas of creative ways to protest.

Here is a list of events during President’s Week:

Denver, CO

Baltimore, MD

Santa Rosa, CA

New York City, NY