Pledge to Take Action Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership 6

Flush the TPP Action Pledge

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a corporate power grab that threatens the economy, environment, public health and democracy itself. However, by acting in solidarity with people across the globe, we can stop it. In particular, we must prevent the TPP from being “Fast Tracked” through the U.S. Congress, bypassing the democratic process.

Our demands are simple:

  1. Make the text of the TPP public so that we know what is being negotiated in our names.
  2. Do not “Fast Track” the TPP, and instead hold public hearings in Congress to allow expert testimony and amendments, followed by a transparent and accountable voting process.

It is easy to pledge your support. Simply agree to take part in or help organize at least one local action or educational event about the TPP.

If you do organize an action, be sure and list it on our Actions page, then come back and share with us your stories, videos and photos to inspire others.

Sign the pledge and commit to take action!

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Organizational Pledge Signers

Activate CT
Alliance for Democracy
Alliance for Global Justice
Alliance for Democracy Oregon
The Backbone Campaign
California Right to Know
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Center for Radical Honesty
Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor
Code Pink: Women for Peace
Common Frontiers Canada
Council of Canadians
Croton Watershed Clean Water Coalition
Democracy in Action – Chicago
Economic Liberty for Main Street, Nevada County, CA
Eugene/Springfield Solidarity Network
Fair World Project
Family Farm Defenders
Food Democracy Now!
GMO Free Moms Monterey
Greater Boulder Green Party
Green Party of Connecticut
Green Party of Monmouth
Green Party of New Jersey
Green Party of Skagit County
Green Shadow Cabinet
It’s Our Future, It’s Our Food
Just Foreign Policy
Label GMOs: Grassroots California
Latin American Solidarity Coalition
March Against Monsanto Philadelphia
Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas
Milwaukee Clean Clothes Campaign
Marion-Polk Move to Amend
Moms Across America
MoveOn Greater Phoenix Councils
MoveOn East Sacramento County Council
MoveOn Seattle Council
MoveOn Kitsap, WA Council
MoveOn Clallam County, WA Council
Tri Valley MoveOn Council, Danville, CA
MoveOn Dallas Council
MoveOn Denver Metro Council
MoveOn Desert Council, Coachella Valley, CA
MoveOn San Diego Councils
MoveOn North San Diego County Council
MoveOn Southern Alameda County Council
MoveOn Los Angeles County Council
MoveOn Irvine Council
Tampa, FL MoveOn Council
Fort Worth, TX MoveOn Council
Johnson County, KS MoveOn Councils
Long Island, NY MoveOn Council
MoveOn New York City Council
MoveOn Plattsburg, North County Council
Westchester’s MoveOn Council, NY
Finger Lakes MoveOn Council, NY
Sullivan County MoveOn Council, NY
Ulster County MoveOn Council, NY
Northern Westchester/Putnam Council, NY
Franklin Hampshire, MA MoveOn Council
Greater Augusta, Maine Area MoveOn Council
Greater Danbury, CT MoveOn Council
New Haven, CT Area MoveOn Council
MoveOn Gwinnett, GA Council
Atlanta, GA MoveOn Council
DeKalb, GA MoveOn Council
Illinois MoveOn South Suburban Council
Illinois 7th District West MoveOn Council
Tulsa, Oklahoma MoveOn Council
Central Oklahoma MoveOn Council
Southwest Regional Oklahoma MoveOn Council
Natural Revolution
NJ State Industrial Union Council
NJ Labor Against War
Northern Kentucky Labor Council
Occupy National Gathering 2013
Occupy Bellingham
Occupy Mendocino
Occupy Portland
Occupy Spokane
Occupy San Miguel (de Allende)
Organic Consumers Association
Pacific Green Party
Pennsylvania Fair Trade Coalition
Portland Area Global AIDS Coalition
Popular Resistance
Radical Art Initiative
Searching for Occupy
Stop Monsanto ES, Spain
Trade Justice New York Metro
UAW Local 412, AFT FWISE 3760
United Students for Fair Trade
Washington Fair Trade Coalition
Washington State Democrats
Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition
Women Occupy San Diego
Women Rising Radio

Individual Pledge Signers

Bruce Adams, Denver, CO
Viv Adams, New Zealand
Lisa Adams, Italy
Mary Addams, Eugene OR
Joe Addington, Folsom, CA
Jose Ramon Aguilar, Fresno, CA
Adande Akobudu, Temecula, CA
Joni Albrecht, Delray Beach, FL
Kinte Alla, Atlanta, GA
Richard Allen, USA
Susan Allen, Raleigh, NC
Victoria Allen, St. Louis MO
Liz Amsden, Los Angeles, CA
Todd Anderson, New York, NY
Vic Anderson, Eagle Lake, FL
Ben Oscar Andersson, IL
Susan Armistead, Key largo, FL
Pat Armstrong, UK
Victor Ashe, Stephenville, TX
Kurt Ashenfelter, Blue Springs, MO
John Atwater, Denver, CO
Zack Auron, NY, NY
Laura Avant, Denver, CO
Alexis Baden-Mayer, WA
William Bailey, Kaneohe, HI
Elizabeth Barger, Summertown, TN
Phillip Baringer, Ypsilanti, MI
Kelley Barnes, Port Angeles, WA
Judy Barnett, Crossville, TN
Anne Bastian, Annapolis, MD
Francis Battaglia, Santa Cruz, CA
Adina Beaumont, California
Kristen Beifus, Seattle, WA
Joseph Belcastro, New Cumberland, PA
Edith Belcher, Van Lear, KY
Deborah Beltran, Dallas, TX
Ed Bennett, Vancouver, WA
Jared Berg, Apollo Beach, FL
Karen Berger, Montrose, CA
Werner Bergman, Stanwood, WA
Les Berenson MD, Seattle, WA
Sara Bermudez, Holland, MI
Faye Bernstein, San Francisco, CA
Jim Berry, Woodland Hills, CA
Nelson Betancourt, Orlando, FL
Alexis Betancourt, Parsippany, NJ
Nick Biamonte, Niagara Falls, ON Canada
Patricia Biddinger, Bloomington, IN
Mike Bievenouer, Los Angeles, CA
Linda Bishop, El Dorado Springs, MO
Scott Bishop, Olympia WA
Christin Bjornberg, Barnegat Light, NJ
Dr. Brad Blanton, Stanley, VA
H Boessenkool, Leicester NC
Leah Bolger, Corvallis, OR
Pat Bowen, Bastrop, TX
Howard Boyer, Grovetown, GA
Debbie Brady, Denver, CO
Andrea Brower, Auckland, New Zealand
Roya Brown, Denver, CO
Carol Brunholzl, Rochester, MN
Amber Brunson, Fruitland, WA
Heather Bryse-Harvey, Tigard, WA
Douglas Bucher, Leesburg, FL
Rosemarie Bundy, Syracuse, NY
Dean Burdine, Indiana
Janet Burnett, Sunrise, FL
Harland Burr, Denver, CO
Frank Burton, Castro Valley, CA
Sandy Button, Nevada
Skip Bushby, Chestertown, MD
Courtney Caldwell, Columbia, IL
Seychelle Cannes, Newport Beach, CA
Mark Cardinal, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Joyce A. Carlson, San Miguel de Allende, MX
Rochelle Carothers, NM
Rand Carter, Utica,NY
Josefina Castillo, Austin, TX
Ellen Chall, Monsey, NY
Craig Chambers, San Diego, CA
Linda Chapman, Laurinburg, NC
Michael Cheverie Dewey, Fitchburg, MA
Roxanne Chinook, Bellingham, WA
Kyle Christensen, Dayton, OH
Gina Christiansen, Ridgefield, WA
Paul Citro, Dania Beach, Fl
Jane Clevenger, Loveland, CO
Deborah Coady, Forest Hills, NY
Michel Coconis, Columbus, OH
Michelle Coder, Auburn, CA
Pter G Cohen, Santa Barbara, CA
Mara Cohen, Skokie, IL
Charity Luv Colbert, Santa Monica, CA
Judy Coleman, Omaha, NE
Jim Cole, Southgate, KY
Mary Cole, Wichita, KS
Judy Coleman, Omaha, NE
Marilyn Coleman, Windsor, CT
Amy Conahan, PA
Geraldine Connors, Warrensburg, MO
Ken Cooper, Orlando, FL
Maria-Lorena Cosme, Lords Valle, PA
Jack Crews, North Carolina
Paul Crooks, Sydney, Australia
Alycia Cruz, Oxnard, CA
Frances D. Csikos, Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Peter. Csikos, Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Sheila Culkin PhD, Evanston, IL
Ronnie Cummins, Finland, MN
Christopher Currie, Pascoag, RI
Deborah Curtis, Phoenix, AZ
Andrew Dangelmayer, Peabody, MA
Ellen Davidson, New York, NY
John Davis, Albuquerque, NM
Steve Davis, Fremont, CA
Dezri Dean, Hoodsport, WA
Bianca Delfosse, Veracruz, Mexico
David Delk, Portland OR
Jessica Denning, Sacramento, CA
M. R. DePrey, Roseville, MN
Jack DePue, Portland, OR
Gene Derig, Anacortes, WA
Laura Devriendt, St. Paul, MN
Abdessalam Diab, Egypt
Jeanne V. Diller, Oakland CA
Charles Dineen, Lawton MI
Roseann DiVicino, Port Richey, FL
Kathy Dorr, Lawrence, MI
Eliza Duncan, Tacoma, WA
Isaiah Earhart, Seattle, WA
William Eddins, York, PA
Luiz Eduardo, Brazil
H D Edwards, Washington, DC
Ross Eisenberg, Stockton, CA
Jenefer Ellingston , Washington, DC
Richard Elliott, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Joshua Ellison, Japan
Ryan Elphick, WI
Jodi Embry, Los Gatos,CA
Ronda Evans, Kennewick, WA
Dave Ewoldt, Tucson, AZ
Gus Falconer, Woodville, TX
Betsy Farmer, Cherokee, NC
Lynn Feinerman, Mill Valley Ca
Jim Feliccia, Philadelphia, PA
Levi Ferns, Portland, OR
Thom Fisher, PA
Joshua Fletcher, United Kingdom
Margaret Flowers, Washington DC
Duane Fontaine, Vancouver, Canada
Alec Forbes, Toronto, Canada
Daniel Forrest, Santa Fe, NM
Neil Forte, Barnegat, NJ
Dianne Foster, Bellingham, WA
kari Franzen, Portland, OR
Barb Fraser, Vancouver, BC Canada
Janet Frey, Reno, NV
Allen Frost, Galax, VA
Taylor Gaar, Boston, MA
Jaume Gavilan, Cocentaina, Spain
Carol Gay, Brick, NJ
G.T. Gerrard, Black River, NY
Dayle Gibson, Manchester, UK
Petra Gilchrist, Canada
Linda Gillison, Missoula, MT
Christopher Girard, Jersey City, NJ
Mark Gnaster, Brighton, MI
Lisa Golden, Santa Rosa, CA
Sheila Goldmacher, Berkeley, CA
Gina Gonzalez, Truckee, CA
Gretchen Goodman, Omaha, NB
Bruce Gordon, Lebanon, TN
John Green, Lake City, FL
Danielle Greene, Falls Church, VA
Howard Greenebaum, Oakland, CA
Barbara Griffiths, Germany
Mariette Grobler, South Africa
Richard W. Gruhl, LeClaire, IA
Nancy Grzybowski, Los Angeles, CA
Kevin Gundlach, Madison, WI
Mark Hackler, South Beloit, IL
Frances Hall, Pierce County, WA
Pamela Hall, Grass Valley, CA
Edward T Hall III, NY
Annie Hallatt, Berkeley, CA
Ann Hamblet, Evanston, IL
Vicci Hamlin, Michigan City, IL
Harry Harmon, Las Vegas, NV
H Ronald Hartman, Tinley Park, IL
Terre Haute, Indiana
Katharine Hay, Anacortes, WA
Janine Hayes, New Orleans, LA
Elaine Heathcoat, Cherokee, NC
Laurie Hein, Homosassa, Florida
Lynne Heller, Prunedale, CA
Harry Hempy, Boulder, CO
Anda Hendriksen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Bruce Hermes, Tucson, AZ
Karen Hertz, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Harriet Heywood, Homosassa, FL
Willow Hill, Eugene, OR
William Byron Hess, Edwardsville, IL
Melvin Hobbs, Kingsport, TN
Sharon Hobrock, Washington, DC
Babs, Hollister, CA
Wayne Holum, Kailua Kona, HI
Jim Hogue, Plainfield, VT
James Hopkins, Cheyenne WY
Michael Howley, Galway, Ireland
Alex Hoyos, London, Ontario, Canada
Patricia Hval, Westeerly, RI
Dennis Ivy, Manchaca, TX
Edwin Jain, New York, NY
Anne James, Suffolk, UK
Linda Janney, Loxahatchee, FL
Linda Jansen, Seattle, WA
Dr Scott John, Brisbane, Queensland
Nand Lal Johari, Saint Louis, MO
Billie Johnson, Brick, NJ
Don Johnson, Godcanyon, AZ
Dawn Jones, Wellman, IA
James Jordan, Tucson, AZ
Lois Jordan, Tucson, AZ
Steve Jorgensen, Springville, UT
Kimberley Jutze, Washington, DC
Sally Kailua, Kona, HI
Ellen Kaplan-Maxfield, Boston, MA
Tarak Kauff, Woodstock, NY
Elizabeth Kauffman, Buffalo, NY
Jonah Kendall, Hopkinsville, KY
Lucy Kenyon, Santa Rosa, CA
Stephen Kessler, Berkeley, CA
Sally Kim, Detroit, MI
Debbie King, Little Rock, AR
Liz King, Boston, MA
Nina Koerner, Germany
Philip Koster, Grand Haven, MI
Kristopher Kriner, Kansas City/MO
Raquel Kumes, Cranston, RI
John Kunkel, Omaha, NE
Martin Kupel, La Habra, CA
Stella LaBatch, Toms River, NJ
Gary Lagerstrom, San Antonio, TX
Stephen Lance, Ouray, CO
Mitchell Lane, Sacramento, CA
Barbara Larcom, Baltimore, MD
Andrew Lawrence, Swoyersville, PA
Luan Van Le, Arlington, TX
Cynthia Le Bosse, Key Biscayne, FL
Jacqueline Leavy, Oak Park, IL
Dale Lehman, Chicago, IL
Stephanie Leineweber, Centreville, VA
Andrew Leone, Pacifica, CA
Louis F. Leo IV, Esq., Coral Springs, FL
D. C. Leslie-Pringle, Santa Monica, CA
Kerstin Lindgren, Portland OR
Glenis Lobb, Auckland, New Zealand
Kristin Loken, Falling Waters, WV
Steve Long, Green Valley, AZ
Ashara Love, Langley BC Canada
Joy Lucas, Jacksonville, NC
Damien Luzzo, Davis, CA
Stephanie Lyons, Portland, OR
Thomas Madison, Gresham, OR
Michael Maloney, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Rose Mankowski, Denver, CO
Alessandra Mariano, Lexington, MA
Laurel Marshall, San Jose, CA
Matthew Mascolino, Fox River Globe, IL
Bradley Masenheimer, York, PA
Stan Mason, Mount Vernon, WA
Barbara Matthiessen, Port Orchard, WA
Rolf Maurer, Stamford, CT
Andrew May, Emmitsburg, MD
Robert McCauley, Berkeley, CA
Charles B. McGarry, Washington DC
Ron McGill , Irvine, CA
Brooke McGowen, Peekskill, NY
Patricia McHugh, St. Louis, MO
Melinda McKnight, West Hurley, NY
Scott McLarty, Washington, DC
Shannon McLeish, Ormond Beach, FL
Kathleen McTeigue, Santa Rosa, CA
Emil Medellin, Los Angeles, CA
Marisa Mercado, Marina, CA
Nancy Merrick, Bend, OR
Donna Miller, N. Hollywood, CA
Edith Miller, Monsey, NY
Sharon Miller, Kuna, ID
Susan Miller, Grand Junction, CO
Scott Milton, Anaheim, CA
Lily Moffet, Los Angeles, CA
Charlene Moran, Lockport, IL
Lew Montemaggi, Rochester, NY
Donna Montenegro, Claremont, NH
Harold Moody, Federal Way, WA
Fred Morrison, Hayward, CA
Leon O Morton, Graham, NC
Bill Moyer, Vashon, WA
Joellyn Mumcian, Los Angeles, CA
David Murphy, Clear Lake, IA
Gilbert Munk, Baltimore, MD
Karen Muntzing, Hilliard, OH
Craig Murray, UK
Robert Naiman, Urbana, IL
Raymond Nash, Westminster, MD
Eric Naumburg, Columbia, MD
Barbara Neill, UK
Don Nelson, Oregon
Terry Nelson, La Conner, WA
Marcia A. Nelson, MA, Colorado Springs, CO
Chet Nettestad, Pelican Rapids, MN
David Newby, Madison, WI
Carol Newman, Astoria, OR
Kimberley Nielsen, San Francisco, CA
Nicholas Niermann, Kenosha, WI
Carrie Norton, El Cajon, CA
Mike Notar, Juneau, AK
Wade Nowlin, Harlingen, TX
Meave O’connor, berkely, CA
Elizabeth Oldendorp, Westbury, NY
Laurie Olson, Port Orchard, WA
Peter Paget, Ellensburg, WA
Lorna Paisley, East Dubuqu, /IL
John Papandrea, New York, NY
Alexis Pankey, Durham, NC
Jake Parker, Reno, NV
Jerry Parker, Oak Park, CA
David Parker, College Station, TX
Kristy Paro, Littleton, CO
Jerry Payne, Fishers, IN
Christopher Pelham, New York, NY
Howard Pellett, Anacortes, WA
Steven Peters, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dave Petrovich, NJ
Steven Pfeiffer, Chaska, MN
Elaine Phillips, Edgewater, MD
Rita Pinkerton, La Mesa, CA
Tony Pirog, Addison, IL
Gordon Pickering, Citrus Heights, CA
Kristy Pickering, Sacramento, CA
Donald Pomerville, Star Lake, NY
Sheila Pratt, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
Irina Preda, Glasgow, Scotland
Nancy Price, Davis, CA
Shelley Prieditis, Seattle, WA
Michael S. Queen, Kasaan, AK
Cheryl Quickle, Irvine, CA
David Randall, Spokane, WA
Robert Randall, Claremore, OK
Rosemary Rannes, Salem, NH
Vickie Reed, Saint Peters, MO
Tom Regan, Indianapolis, IN
Patt Reid, Sussex County, NJ
King Reilly, Los Angeles, CA
Bill Reitter, NJ
Dave Reppert, Philadelphia, PA
Linda Riccobene, Stamford, CT
Cynthia Richards, Tamarac, FL
Beverly Rice, NY, NY
Tracy Rivkin, Novato, CA
Maria R., Kings Park, NY
Lee Rockway, Huntington Beach, CA
Henry Roach, Chicago, IL
Rose Roach, Stockon, CA
David Robin, Brooklyn, NY
Jesse Rosales, Columbus, OH
Alice D. Rosenfeld, Somers, NY
Richard and Carolyn Rosenstein, Los Angeles, CA
Sasha Reid Ross, Portland, OR
Nick Ruland, Twin Falls, ID
Kenneth Ruby, Israel
Ben Ryan, United Kingdom
Joe Crow Ryan, Brooklyn, NY
Arnie Saiki, Los Angeles, CA
Stephen Salgaller, Philadelphia, PA
Peter M Samhammer, Santa Rosa, CA
Harry Sampson IV, Hammonton, NJ
David Sanders, Glendora, CA
Terri Sanders, Oklahoma City, OK
Patricia Santhuff, Lawrenceville, GA
Paul Sauers, Highland Park, NJ
Janet Saulie, USA
Carol Savary, San Francisco, CA
John Scales, Worcester, MA
Marcelene Schaefer, Minneapolis, MN
Olivia Schlosser, Mansfield Center, CT
Tristen Schmidt, Alameda, CA
Jeanette Schuler, San Leandro, CA
Robert Schwartz, New York, NY
Tony Seagle, Orange Beach, AL
James L Sellers, St.Louis, MO
Carolyn Semiglasow, Austin, TX
Jim Sennett, Lewistow, MT
Becky Sessa, Seattle, WA
Diana Seymour, Johnson City, TN
Debbie Shapiro, Woodinville, WA
Alice Sheerr, Ambler, PA
Patty Shepard, Winchester, VA
Eva Siegelski, Township of Washington, NJ
Jo Sippie-Gora, Kinnelon, NJ
Emanuel Sferios, Grass Valley, CA
Maurice Shapiro, Powell River, BC, Canada
Susanne Shaw, Canada
Jackie Sheeler, NYC
Susan Sheinfeld, San Francisco, CA
Colleen Roome Shelton, Baltimore, MD
Amy Sies, Jackson, WI
Edwin Simmons Jr, Alexandria VA
Brad Smith, New York
Peter Smith, IA
Carol Soto, SF, CA
William Spicer, Fremont, CA
Steve Spieckerman, Waukesha, WI
Martha Spiess, Freeport, ME
Veronica Springer, Burlington, WA
Christa Sprinkle, Portland, OR
Varda Sruff, Norwich, VT
Norm Stamper, Orcas Island, WA
Jeffrey Stewart, Igo, CA
Eddie Stinson, Aguanga, CA
Lorelei Stierlen, Plano, TX
John Storaasli, Ingleside, IL
Jeanie Streit, Los Angeles, CA
Ryan Sturgis, Rowley, MA
Dr. Daniel J. Subach, The Woodlands, TX
Bryan Sudbury, Moab, UT
Bo Svensson, Santa Rosa, CA
Ron Sward, Canada
Jan Swartzendruber, Andover, KS
Mary Sweeney, Lynn, MA
Tracy Swenson, Nibley, UT
Jerome Taub, Woodstock, NY
Charles Torres, Riverside RI
Michael Toth, Fort Pierce, FL
Jimmy Tran, Australia
Jon Tee, Galveston, TX
Alexandra Toledo, Galt, CA
Lauren Tourkow, Fort Wayne, IN
Amy Truax, Portland, OR
Liliane Tremblay, Saint-jérôme, Qc, Canada
Lin Tumin, Tacoma, WA
Barbara Upton, New Paltz, NY
Bob Urbaniak, Chattanooga, TN
Cliff Valliere, Waltham, MA
Charles Van Der Haegen, Belgium
Terry Vanderbush, Bloomington, IN
Nina Vought, Salt Lake City, UT
Bruce Wade, Shoreline, WA
Jeff Wagner, Olyphant, PA
Darlene Waldron, Dannemora, NY
Chuck Walker Sr, Lodi, CA
Webster Walker, Seattle WA
Rikka Wallin, Lexington, KY
Patti Walters, Tucson, AZ
Cliff Ward, Cordova, AK
Chris Warren, Victoria, BC, Canada
Elizabeth Warren, Oceanside, CA
Apache Warrior, San Diego, CA
Joe Weis, Reedley, CA
Adam Weissman, Astoria, NY
Mark Welkie, Enola, PA
Karyn Weller-Coffman, Morrison, CO
Mary Wellington, Tucson, AZ
David Wells, Corvallis, OR
Donald Wessels, Pepeekeo, HI
Julie Whelihan, Phoenix AZ
Catharine White, Skokie, IL
Wade Glenn Whitworth Jr, Lake Worth, FL
Laura Wilder, Garland, TX
Betty Wilfong, Bensalem PA
Sue Williams, Slatington, PA
Susan Williams, Minneapolis, MN
Terrie Williams, Vidor, TX
Cindy Wilmore, Austin, TX
Victoria Wilson, Galion, OH
Wyatt Winston, Anacortes, WA
Heather Withers, Philadelphia, PA
Judith Wittner, Evanston, Il
Rosie Wood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Agnes Woolsey, Mendocino, CA
Caroline Worrall, UK
Kevin Young, Ypsilanti, MI
Kevin Zeese, Washington DC
Crystal Zevon, Barre, VT
Pamela Zuppo, San Francisco, CA