Peru: March Against the TPP Called by Hundreds of People

Peru: March Against the TPP Called by Hundreds of People

By El Comercio. Translated by Margaret Flowers.

February 25, 2016 – Hundreds of people marched tonight through the streets of downtown Lima to reject the TPP. This, the fifth mobilization called by different social and civil organizations and political parties, registered some episodes of violence during its development.


On Alfonso Ugarte Avenue a group of demonstrators burned papers interrupting traffic.


In addition, as reported by some militants of the APRA, people marching threw rocks at the “House of the People” and broke the windshields of a car located at the entrance. Police detained at least a dozen protesters.

In Plaza San Martin there were also small clashes between the police and protesters. Even businesses located in the Jiron of the Union had to close their doors in fear of looting.

The demonstrators indicated that the “TPP is the most dangerous trade agreement in history that has been signed because it threatens national sovereignty and access to medicines, to the internet, to healthy food and to a clean environment.”

“We won’t be able to buy generic medicines and the cost of brand name medicines will be dictated by the pharmaceutical companies. Patents for biological medicines will be extended ,” said a statement distributed during today’s march.

The TPP aims to create the largest free trade zone in history that will include twelve countries, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, México, New Zealand, Perú, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam.