On Feb. 22nd, the twelve TPP countries will begin continued negotiations around how to trade away lives and livelihoods. As the talks come to an end next Tuesday, we’re going to inundate the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and our members of Congress social media-style – and we hope you’ll join us!

Here’s how:

1.) Take a photo of yourself (or have a friend take one for you) with a statement about why no version of Fast Track or the TPP will ever be acceptable. Some sample messages are:

  • NO Fast Track, No Way – Not Ever, Not Today!
  • ANY Fast Track is a Job-Killing Act
  • Hey New Democrats: 60% of voters say NO to Fast Track – why don’t you?
  • Hey U.S. Trade Rep: TPP talks may continue, but resistance grows! NO to Fast Track, and NO to the TPP
  • ANY Fast Track is a Free License to Frack

2.) Send it our way anytime before this Tuesday, Feb. 25th: [email protected]

3.) On Tuesday, post it on your Facebook page and Flush the TPP’s with statuses that include @USTradeRep and @NewDemocratCoalition (the group of reps highly likely to support Fast Track). Some sample statuses are:

  • @USTradeRep – as long as you continue to negotiate the TPP, we’ll continue to raise our voices against it. NO to any form of Fast Track, and NO to the TPP! @NewDemocratCoalition
  • @USTradeRep, @NewDemocratCoalition – TPP and Fast Track talks may continue, but so does growing opposition. We know you support Fast Track for the TPP, and you know that more than 60% of voters are against it. NO Fast Track, no way! Not ever and not today.
  • @USTradeRep – welcome back from Singapore! Communities across the world are still resisting the TPP, and communities across the U.S. are still resisting Fast Track. NO to any form of Fast Track, and NO to the TPP! @NewDemocratCoalition

If you’ve got a Twitter account, feel free to post it there, too – and if you know your rep has yet to commit to voting no, you can also post on your member’s page.

Let’s take Facebook by storm, and let the U.S. government know that as negotiations continue, the movement against the TPP only grows stronger.

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