Nov. 8 to 14: Week of Action to Stop Fast Track and Unjust Trade

Nov. 8 to 14: Week of Action to Stop Fast Track and Unjust Trade

Nov. 8th to 14th Week of Action: Say NO to Fast Track and Unjust Trade!


 This fall, communities across the U.S. are once again joining international allies in a global week of action against unjust trade. With Obama pushing to announce a TPP “framework” this November and Mitch McConnell stating that he’s eager to join with the Administration on trade, we need to demonstrate that hundreds of thousands still oppose corporate agreements meant to put profit before people and the planet.

Check out our action map to see if there’s anything happening in your area, and visit to contact your member of Congress today. Join those resisting unjust trade from New Zealand to Washington, DC!

IMG_7800FBIf you live in the U.S., this week marks members of Congress’ return to Washington, DC for the first time after elections . Known as the “lame-duck,” the period between Thanksgiving and the Winter Break is often when Congress passes its most toxic bills — not only because they think that the public is not paying attention, but because those who are are finishing their terms knowing they won’t return think they’ve got nothing to lose. It’s a critical time to let them know that we’re watching, we’ll hold them accountable, and we still oppose Fast Track.


Fast Track-ing Unjust Trade

Fast Track, also called Trade Promotion Authority, is a law that the Obama administration is asking Congress to pass that would give the President the power to negotiate and sign massive trade agreements with minimal congressional oversight. Under Fast Track, Congress has only a short period of time to review thousands of pages of legal language, is subject to restricted debate, and loses its right to make amendments. This process is undemocratic and secretive, and — especially considering the lack of transparency in negotiations so far — would make a meaningful review of the potential impacts of these agreements impossible.

It’s time to stop Fast Track, and demand that we know what’s in these agreements and what they mean for our lives, our economy, and our communities.