#NoNAFTA2 Protest in Arlington

When: Wednesday, Oct 11th at 12:00 pm (Opening day of NAFTA Round 4)

Where: Sheraton, Pentagon City Hotel in Arlington (

NAFTA is being re-negotiated by an administration of Wall Street bankers and white supremacists into a deal that maintains the Investor State Dispute Settlement, has no real benefits for all workers, fails to protect the environment from the oil and gas industries, puts pharmaceuticals’ profits before the people’s health, and wants to make access to the internet a business more than a right.

We must show the United States Trade Representative that we do not want a tweeking of NAFTA that would just make it into NAFTA2. We want to completely replace NAFTA with a model of trade that is democratic, that puts people and the planet before profits, that seeks to collaborate with communities from across the continent and not pit them against each other.

The fourth round of negotiations will occur in Washington, D.C. with dates yet to be announced. Will you join us in demanding Trade for People and the Planet?

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