Fast Track Resisters,

The Senate Finance Committee just introduced a Fast Track bill last Thursday, April 16th! The Committee, and Congress in general, are getting lots of pressure (and money) from Obama and the multinational corporations to pass Fast Track. Now that the bill has dropped there will be a powerful people’s response across the country and around the world. In D.C., we are calling this the “No Fast Track People’s Block,” a constant stream of actions to stop Fast Track and rigged corporate deals like the TPP and TTIP. Here is a preliminary schedule and some ideas.

No Fast Track People’s Block Schedule (D.C. Area)

April 14
Action against corruption of the Senate Finance Committee.
Meet: downstairs food court of Union Station at 11AM
RSVP to [email protected]

April 15
Rally to Stop Fast Track
Includes leaders from Labor, Congress, Environment, and Communities
Meet: Upper Senate Park, 11AM

April 16
1. Action at Congress to Stop Fast Track
Bring as many people as you can to protest for this key day!
Meet: downstairs food court of Union Station at 11AM
RSVP to [email protected]

2. Morning action at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) led by Meet in downstairs foodcourt of Union Station at 8AM. Contact: [email protected]

April 17
No Fast Track Rally Outside of Rep. Steny Hoyer’s Office
Meet: Outside Hoyer’s office at 401 Post Office Road Waldorf, MD at 1PM
Contact: Mina Itabashi, [email protected]

April 18
Global day of Action (includes actions the week before and after)
For action listings see:,, and

April 20
Rally to Stop Fast Track–Don’t Trade Our Future!
Rally at noon at the Office of US Trade Rep-600 17th Street NW
Meet: AFL-CIO Headquarters, 815 16th Street NW at 11:30.

April 20-24
Protest TTIP Negotiations in New York City
Contact: [email protected]

April 22
EPA to the Pentagon Earth day Protest: Stop Ecocide, Stop Fast Track

April 23
Senate Finance Committee markup. It will be an interesting meeting and good to have some people there.
Contact: [email protected]

April 23
#InternetVote Stop Fast Track Call Day:

April 23-26
Protest TPP Negotiations in National Harbor, Maryland, roughly 30 minutes outside of Washington D.C. 
Contact: [email protected]

April 28-29
Protest Japanese Prime Minister Visit to the White House
Contact [email protected]

These next couple of weeks are extremely important in this long battle to stop Fast Track. Please get involved in whatever way you can.

In addition to actions listed here, we need to be flexible and vigilant for protest opportunities that may come up last minute, so stay on alert for updates!

If you have ideas, concerns, questions, or know of other events in the area, please email [email protected]

Here is the FB page:

Here are other ways to get involved in your own area:

1. Call and email your representatives to demand that they vote against Fast Track. Use the call in tool at
2. Visit your representative’s office and deliver the message in person. This can be done with a meeting or a protest at their office. Here are some tips!
3. Organize other actions in your area and put them on the action mapClick here for ideas and resources. Publicize these actions to drive calls.
4. Join the National Fast Track Resistance Weekly Calls.
5. Join the Rapid Response Team to take action in Washington D.C. Email [email protected]org
6. Share this information widely!

For more action ideas and resources visit: FlushtheTPP Tools Page. To find actions in your area or to put your action on our map visit FlushtheTPP action map.

Please consider making a donation to support our work. Click here to donate.

See you in the streets and the halls of power,

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