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1tppanzBlockade SkyCity: TPPA Free Zone
Non violent direct action to shut down the signing

February 4th, gather in Aotea Sq @ 9am to then move to SkyCity as a group.

Real Choice is calling for a blockade of the Sky City convention complex on the 4th of February. This means shutting down the surrounding area and stopping entry by blocking some surrounding roads – effectively creating a TPPA free zone. The tactic is a form of non-violent direct action (NVDA), a peaceful means we have available to stop the signing on the day.

We’d love to have you involved – there are roles for everyone in this:

  • Physically blockading, which has a high risk of arrest. Some people engaging in this manner might wish to use equipment.
  • A soft blockade, such as sitting down, or linking arms across a road.
  • Occupying space – having a peaceful presence, both supporting those in physical blockade and personally holding the TPPA free zone.
  • Lending your voice – being near, on the footpath, with music, chants and signs protesting the signing and being in solidarity with blockaders.
  • Citizen media – filming, taking photos and getting news out onto social media.

Direct action has shut down trade deals before and this is our opportunity to actually stop or delay the proceedings, physically demonstrating we won’t let them sign this agreement under our noses. To be clear though – there is a risk of arrest if you are blockading, but this can be handled well with preparation – we’re providing what support we can on the day and in lead up events. This risk also makes our peaceful kaupapa even more important because it keeps our intentions clear.

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