Our pressure is working!

Obama wanted Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by the end of March but the largest coalition to ever work to oppose Fast Track has made that impossible. Through phone calls, emails, visits to members, rallies, bird-dogging and more, Congress is feeling the heat and struggling to get votes. We expect that Fast Track legislation won’t be introduced in the Senate until April.


But the opposition is working hard too. President Obama is personally calling members of Congress and his staff are twisting arms and making promises to get votes for Fast Track. The Chamber of Commerce is getting ready to launch a $160 million ad campaign in favor of Fast Track.

We’ve got to increase and maintain the pressure over the next few months or else members of Congress will cave in.

Here are ways that you can fight back:

1. Join the weekly “Fast Track Resistance” National Calls – starting on Wednesday, March 11 at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific, we’ll host weekly education and organizing calls to teach about Fast Track and the TPP, provide legislative updates and organize specific actions. We’ll have activists on hand to facilitate break-out groups where you’ll learn how to organize teach-ins, do visibility actions, use social media to have an impact and reach legislators with your message. You must register for the call. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

IMG_20150304_1439062. March 13 is the National Day to ‘Drop in and Hang Out’ – Representatives will be in their home districts on recess so people across the country will hold rolling sit-ins like we’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks in Senator Ron Wyden’s office. It’s easy to do. Just go to your member’s local office during office hours and hold a sign urging them to oppose Fast Track. Bring your friends. Take pictures and share them on social media. Urge those who can’t join you to call in to the office. CLICK HERE TO FIND OR POST AN ACTION.

3. Join the Rapid Response Team – you’ve probably seen some of us ‘dropping in and hanging out’ in Sen. Wyden’s office over the past 2 weeks. It has had an effect but we understand that Sen. Wyden is trying to make a deal with Sen. Hatch to support Fast Track legislation. We’ve got to stop him from from doing that. We have plans for a larger action and we need you. Please let us know if you can join us in DC on Thursday, March 19.Contact [email protected].

Finally, we’re brought in more organizers to help fight back during this crucial time. We need your support. CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO SUPPORT OUR WORK.

This is a huge battle. It’s the people versus the transnational corporations and big finance. If Fast Track passes in Congress, it won’t just allow passage of the TPP (which is bad enough) but it will mean 7 years of Presidents being able to negotiate agreements and sign them in secret. It will allow corporations to have more power than individual nations and end our ability to protect our human needs.

This is not about trade. It’s about our future. Now is the time for heroic defense of all that we value – our communities, our health, our families and protection of the planet.

Fast Track is truly a game changer. It will affect everything we care about. Please pledge to join us for the next few months to stop it.

Just as we did with net neutrality, people power can prevail if we use it. 

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