Money Warz: This Is What Plutocracy Looks Like

Money Warz: This Is What Plutocracy Looks Like

The one percent have a dream – a global corporate coup called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a secret trade deal to be fast tracked into law in October, no debate or amendment. And neither the public nor the media have been permitted to see this NAFTA on steroids – just the 600 corporations that are quietly writing it behind closed doors! This is what plutocracy looks like.

Please support our kickstarter to fund a huge theatrical spectacle in Times Square on the 2nd anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, to force attention and build awareness – while we still can.

Money Warz, a Star Wars parody, presents:

Building a #TPP DEATH STAR for a performance & direct action in NYC exposing the global corporate coup – hidden in a secret trade deal.

We need to have 200 costumed activists in position for a huge outdoor spectacle and photo op. Times Square! Liberty Plaza! Congressional offices! Corporate strongholds! WALL STREET! – and that’s before lunch.

On September 17th, the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, we’re outing this sleazy underhanded foul vicious world-crushing chaos- inducing secret “trade deal” known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Crud.

For all the $weet ca$h pledged, we build a bigger, better TPP Death Star and cover expenses for ongoing Money Warz performances, video shoots, pop-up interventions,

Be a part of this great cause ending the secrecy by exposing the threat. Launch us far beyond our minimal goal!


TPP Death Star Materials:155 dollar$ puppet supplies

Infrastructure: 765 dollar$

Kickstarter: 79 dollar$

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have worked through production delays, planning and scheduling “issues” and are ready to move ahead quickly. We’ve been doin’ this for years. Dincha watch the video???

OK, we MAY all end up in jail charged with being relevant in public space, but the cops will be smiling all the same. 🙂 We’re committed to social justice.

The biggest challenge? Ensuring that our funding keeps up with our imaginations.


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