Michigan Democrats pass anti-TPP resolution

Michigan Democrats pass anti-TPP resolution

By Charles I Niswander II

I was a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders. I protested the TPP among other things at the Democratic National Convention. I wrote an anti-TPP resolution and shared it and got it passed in 6 counties.

Myself and other Berners from around the state, both beforehand and at the Platform meeting, pushed for language boldly standing against the TPP. Our resolution was passed and we got firm language!

Michigan Democrats are officially opposed to the TPP, and we are gonna hold them to it.

Here is the language regarding TPP in the Michigan Democratic Party State Platform:

“Michigan workers can compete with workers in every corner of the globe. However, unbalanced trade agreements like the

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are unfair to American workers because they tilt the scales towards the interests of corporations at the expense of workers and communities. The TPP does not contain strong enough enforcement mechanisms to protect workers against exploitation, provisions to prevent currency manipulation, and standards to protect our environment. In addition, the presence of the Investor-State Dispute mechanism makes vulnerable our governmental regulations, allowing corporations to share equal status to sovereign governments.

It is for these reasons that Michigan Democrats are opposed to the passage of the TPP.”

                  -Michigan Democratic Party State Platform

View the complete Michigan Democratic Party State Platform here.

This platform and the resolution were both ratified on August 27th at the State Convention.