March 27th — Join the “Twitterwarming” Party for U.S. Trade Rep!

March 27th -- Join the

U.S. Trade Representative Mike Froman has officially joined Twitter, and our allies at CWA are throwing a “twitterwarming” to let him know where we stand.

Join the storm at 12pm EDT on Thursday, March 27th, and make sure the U.S. Trade Rep hears from you.

Sample tweets:

.@MikeFroman, why is the public not allowed to see the text of the #TPP agreement? #FlushtheTPP

.@MikeFroman: they said NAFTA would create jobs, too — and it lost 600,000 in the US alone #FlushtheTPP

.@MikeFroman: whose interests are really being served when it comes to the #TPP? #FlushtheTPP

.@MikeFroman: if you’re lying about the Korea FTA, why should we believe you about the #TPP?