Lake Tahoe: TPP Protest of President Obama

Lake Tahoe: TPP Protest of President Obama

Join The Robust Opposition with Dave Coennen on the Project Sanity Channel.


DC of OurRevolution.TV along with PS contributors Lauren Steiner of Our Revolution LA and Eric Miller from Project Sanity, bring you live coverage of the “Tell Obama NO TPP at the Lake Tahoe Summit” protest and march during the summit where Preisdent Obama and Governor Jerry Brown will be speaking.

This gathering will also feature Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and possibly Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen Diane Feinstein.

From the event page:
“We will protest outside of the event, which will take place at the Harvey’s Outdoor Arena. Meet on the corner of Stateline Blvd and HWY 50/Lake Tahoe Blvd.

We must tell Obama that the American people are against the TPP! And while we’re at it, let’s tell Jerry Brown once again that we Californians want him to ban fracking.

The President and the Governor cannot pretend they are serious about combatting climate change and protecting the environment as long as they support fracking and the TPP, which if passed could override local fracking bans. Already Lone Pine Resources, an American company, is suing Quebec for $250 million in loss of expected future profits because of their fracking ban.

PEACEFUL PROTESTING PLEASE! Bring signs that say No TPP, Stop TPP, Ban Fracking Now, Climate Leaders Don’t Frack.

Go to this site to download and print out the TPP signs used at the floor protest by Bernie delegates at the Democratic Convention.…