This summer, fair trade activists and allies worked hard to raise awareness of the TPP, which has been blacked out of the media. They held visibility actions and teach-ins across the country. Tens of thousands of educational TPP occucards were distributed.
The work has paid off. There is more discussion of the TPP and more articles are appearing about it. And the increased visibility and pressure has emboldened TPP opponents in other countries to protest. Here in the US, the process has slowed and members of Congress from both the Democratic and Republican Parties are taking a stance against the TPP and Fast Track approval. Our goal now is to prevent congress from voting for Fast Track.
Fast Track, also called Trade Promotion Authority, would allow the President to sign the TPP and then send it to Congress for a rapid up or down vote without the ability to make changes. This would subvert a democratic and transparent process. It would allow the TPP to be rammed through without evaluation of the impact it will have on protection of consumers, workers and the planet. We expect a Fast Track bill to be introduced this fall, as the President wants a vote before December. The President often asks for unpopular votes around the holidays because many people are distracted then. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!

NOTE: The Fair Trade Brigade is on hold until 2014. In the meantime, please check this page for more information on contacting your representative.

Starting October 1st, the Fair Trade Brigade will visit congressional offices every Tuesday through December 10th to tell our elected representatives to vote ‘no’ on Fast Track. Check out Citizens Trade Campaign’s Fast Track database to see whether your member is serving the people or their corporate backers. We will meet at 10 AM in the cafeteria of the Longworth House Office building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. If you can join us on any Tuesday, please email Cassidy and she will get back to you.

If you can’t make it to DC, you can form a Fair Trade Brigade where you live and visit your member of Congress at their local office. If you do, consider announcing it on our Action Page. Afterwards, let us know how your member of Congress is planning to vote so we can update our Fast Track database. Together, we can stop Fast Track and the TPP. The people can succeed against transnational corporate power and for protection of the planet and all living beings. Let’s do it!

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