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Thank you Jeff Dunnicliff and Eric Ross for their excellent editing of this action video, and all those who participated in the 11-12-13 FLUSH the TPP day of action. More about this action at…

“Only a bought a sold government would sign a treaty that sacrifices our capacity as communities and country to pass laws for workers benefit, and the protection of our communities and our natural resources.” Bill Moyer, Executive Director of the Backbone Campaign

The TransPacific Partnership has been negotiated under secrecy for 3 years. Obama is now pushing to have it swiftly approved to much to the dismay of members of Congress, most of whom haven’t even been allowed to see the text. While Congress is constitutionally required to negotiate any international treaties, Fast Track or granting Obama Trade Promotion Authority would forfeit the Congress’ responsibility and the public’s right to weigh in on the TPP negotiations.

One of the illuminated messages on 11-12-13 read “Corporate Tribunals WTF?” This referred to how the TPP would give more power to corporate interests including the ability for foreign companies to sue for taxpayer compensation if any domestic law diminished the company’s expected future profits.

Masked as a trade deal, the agreement has been negotiated under supervision of 600 unelected corporate “trade advisors” while the text has been hidden from members of Congress, the press, and the public. What has been learned about the TPP has come through leaked texts, and is alarming to members of Congress worried about sovereign powers being negotiated away, public health officials, labor representatives, environmental groups, and advocates of consumer issues.

“The TPP, the largest ever of it’s kind, is a race to the bottom international agreement on domestic and international policies of food safety, internet freedom, medicine costs, financial regulation, and the environment,” says Kristen Beifus, executive director of Washington Fair Trade Coalition.;

The 11-12-13 coordinated actions were organized by the Backbone Campaign, which specializes in amplifying citizen engagement with creative tactics and artful activism in collaboration with Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch,, Fair Trade Coalitions in Washington and Oregon, and more.

The coordinated day of action followed on the heals of an action in September when to the surprise of secret service, members and allies of and the Backbone Campaign redecorated the United States Trade Representatives office by scaling the building and unfurling giant banners demanding a release of the TPP text. The Backbone Campaign is grateful to Wikileaks for beginning that process.


Backbone Campaign’s mission is to provide creative strategies, artful activism trainings, and creative action support to progressive activists, organizers and organizations around the US and beyond in order to invigorate and nurture a people-power, community-based, and internationally-networked nonviolent social movement for human rights, thriving communities, and ecological well being. Backbone Campaign’s vision is a world where human dignity, community resilience, and ecological well being is built upon a foundation of democratic economic and political systems and diverse, thriving culture where human rights, the rights of communities and nature are truly inalienable and honored.

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