Festival for Trade Justice

June 25, 2016 starting at 12 noon

Wright Park, 501 South I Street, Tacoma, WA

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Come for the Rally, Stay for the Festival!

On Saturday, June 25th join hundreds of South Sound residents to demonstrate your opposition to what would be the largest trade deal in history, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). At noon we will gather to rally against the TPP, with short speeches from labor, environmental, and community organizations.

The rally will be immediately followed by a trade-themed festival. Bring your families and friends for live music, performances, craft stations, and free food. Play for prizes in our Carnival of Corporate Greed and compete with your neighbors in the Three-Legged Race to the Bottom and Democracy Tug-of-War.

Join us on June 25 to voice your support for trade justice!

RSVP here for updates, to volunteer, or to put together a team:http://tinyurl.com/tpptacomaRSVP

How would the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) impact you?

As a worker:
Trade deals like TPP lift barriers to trade without raising labor standards, pitting local companies and workers against slave-wage labor around the world. Three out of four displaced workers find jobs that pay less than the jobs they lost due to bad trade policy. We need an even playing field for workers, here and everywhere.

As a member of the community:
The TPP also threatens our environment and health, creating special tribunals where foreign corporations can sue for lost profits when we pass policies safeguarding our air, water, and climate. We cannot afford long, expensive lawsuits as we work to transition to a climate-safe economy.

As a consumer:
Multinational corporations wrote the rules of TPP to limit what you know about your food, undermine Buy American and other local programs, and create broad new rights to challenge consumer protections and regulations.

Hosted by a coalition of labor and environmental groups including the Sierra Club, Communications Workers of America, Washington Fair Trade Coalition, Blue Green Alliance, and others!

To learn more about how the TPP would threaten American jobs watch this minute-long video:


Read this report by the AFL-CIO:

To learn more about the threat the TPP poses to our environment and climate watch this Sierra Club video:


Read this new Sierra Club report (the first 2 pages give an executive summary):