By Margaret Flowers for Flush the TPP. Above photo by John Zangas of DC Media Group.

UPDATE: The House will vote on a stand alone Fast Track bill Thursday June 18. Voting starts at noon. Emergency action in Washington, DC. Spread the word. And if you can’t be there – call, call, call!

Free Traders are doing everything they can to pass Fast Track.

The White House is working furiously with House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to find a way to finagle passing a Fast Track bill. Republican Leadership is meeting with Free Trade Democrats behind closed doors to scheme.The media is rife with speculation about how they will pass Fast Track – voting on stand-alone Fast Track bills in the House and Senate, attaching Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) to other more popular bills, etc. Who knows?We don’t know the timeline  yet, but we must remain vigilant. They could vote on Fast Track in the House as soon as tomorrow and right now they have the votes to pass it!

We urge you to keep the calls coming in!

1TPAvotesFirst call the 28 Democrats who voted for Fast Track
 and tell them to oppose Fast Track next time. They are getting all sorts of favors for their votes (Gerry Connolly, Jim Himes, Eddie Bernice Johnson and Mike Quigley got a trip to Germany with the President) but history shows us that the promises fall apart and so do their careers.

Here is a list of the Democratic Free Traitors with contact information: CLICK HERE
And here is a new study by Public Citizen showing the consequences of ‘yes’ votes: “Dealmaking leads to Broken Promises and Lost Elections

Then contact your personal Representative and either thank them for voting against it or ‘spank’ them for voting for it and urge them to vote “No on Fast Track” when it comes up again. Use

Yesterday we folded up the Rigged Trade Rebellion on Capitol Hill to regroup, catch some shuteye and strategize about next steps. We will return when the time is right. A big thanks to those who joined us, donated money to help us cover the costs and made phone calls.

Here are three things you can do to stop Fast Track!1. Call and tweet at House Representatives today and everyday until the vote. Urge others to do the same.2. Start planning a local thank and spank action during the July 4 recess. Members will be home from June 27 to July 6. Birddog them or demonstrate at their offices or homes or in a highly visible area. If your member voted to stop Fast Track, then thank them and tell them to stay strong. If they voted for Fast Track then ‘spank’ them and tell them to oppose Fast Track next time. Post your actions for others to see by clicking here.

3. Join the Fast Track Resistance call this Wednesday night at 9 pm EDT to hear the legislative updates and talk about strategy for moving forward. Click here to register.
Email [email protected] for questions or comments!
We need to win this fight and we can, but we need your help!
For more info or to donate, visit
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