Don’t Fast Track TPP!

Don't Fast Track TPP!

By Thomas R. Moore in the Daily Camera

Soon after the elections there will be a flash in Congress when the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) comes up. Six Hundred trans-national corporate negotiators have been working very hard and in secret to put together the TPP. They brand it as a trade agreement while only 5 of the 29 chapters are about traditional trade issues. The other completed chapters confer new privileges to Trans-national Corporations– privileges such as being able to sue nations in trade courts, for what corporations claim are potential lost profits resulting from regulations in a county where they operate. Unlike ordinary courts their deliberations are secret and the judges are trade lawyers whose only interest is in than trade. Their decisions are binding; there is no appeal. A nation that does not conform may have to pay damages to a corporation every year for the indefinite future.

Labels like “Buy American” and “Dolphin Free Tuna” are forbidden. Labor conditions or in overseas factories may not be used in restricting imports. Labeling dangerous products may be verboten. This agreement will lower standards for workers, environment and consumers. There will be no courts to hear our complaints; only the big trans-nationals have standing in these courts.

It seems likely that foreign corporations involved in fracking will be able to sue the United States for profits lost to fracking regulations or moratoriums.

Safety concerns will not be considered in the special courts.

What to do:
Don’t let TPP get rushed through without the public having lots of time to read and understand it. It is still secret.

Under “Fast Track” or “Trade Promotion Authority” the whole thing rushed through Congress in an up or down vote with no corrections or amendments. Urge Congress people to vote no on “Fast Track.”

Read more:
Contact Jared Polis, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet or through the Congressional switchboard 866-338-1015.

Thomas R. Moore