Actions are being planned to protest the inauguration on January 20, 2017 through a coalition called Disrupt J20.

Trade for People and Planet is partnering with the Trade Justice Alliance to organize actions using the theme of trade justice. This will kick off years of resistance to the plans of oligarchs and promotion of the People’s Agenda.

Details are still emerging. Our action will be in the morning. Afterwards, we will protest along the inaugural route and then we will join the mass rally in McPherson and Franklin Squares.

Check out and share the Facebook page.

Listen to the organizing call from Wednesday, January 4, 2017 by clicking here.

Sign up for the action here:

Our messages:
A “better deal” on trade means putting people and planet before profit and build trade justice not walls. We will have signs defining trade justice – living wages, access to medicines, internet freedom, protecting the environment and more. (See below)

Our demands:
1. Withdraw from the TPP
2. Renegotiate trade so that people and the planet are protected. Raise standards instead of lowering them.
3. Don’t blame the victims of trade deals, stop the attacks on immigrants.

We will meet at 8 am at 6th and I Sts NW in Washington, DC and march from there to our area. We’ll have large banners and signs.

Risk level of the action depends on your personal comfort. There will be no-risk of arrest components and also risk-arrest components if people are able to do that (of course with legal support).

We will be at the action training on Jan. 14 and 15, and we plan to work on banners and signs at the convergence space on Jan 17. If you want to join us, we will participate in a rally outside the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Jan 19 (meet at Union Station at 8 am in the food court or at the FERC – 888 First St NE – at 10 am) and then we’ll protest at the Democratic Party HQ at 1 pm (meet at the South Capitol metro at 1 pm).

We plan to be finished in time to join the Festival of Resistance march starting at Union Station at noon and the rally along the parade route after that. Then we’ll join the festivities at McPherson Square.These are permitted activities.

It’s a full day. Wear comfortable shoes. Dress in layers, Bring water and snacks.

Food Not Bombs will provide hot coffee and soup during the morning.

Why trade justice? While Donald Trump campaigned in opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and says that he will renegotiate NAFTA, a look at his appointments and his actions show that he does not support trade justice. We must demand that agreements are used to:

  • Protect workers and guarantee a living wage
  • Protect animals and the environment
  • Enforce climate agreements
  • Encourage a rapid transition to clean renewable energy
  • Guarantee access to necessary health care and pharmaceuticals
  • Raise food safety standards
  • Protect small and medium sized farms and businesses
  • End conditions of poverty and militarization that drive migration
  • Prevent privatization of public goods
  • Protect net neutrality

and more


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