Dallas ‘TPP is Betrayal’ Action

Dallas 'TPP is Betrayal' Action

North Texas Activists joined the worldwide day of protest on February 4, 2016, as the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement was signed in New Zealand! CODEPINK Greater Dallas and Popular Resistance co-hosted a demonstration in front of a busy transit station, followed by a march to a high-visibility bridge where they joined the NTLB North Texas Light Brigade to display the message #FLUSHTHETPP.org in lights. The event was part of a nationwide mobilization to STOP THE TPP organized by FlushTheTPP.organd PopularResistance.org. Altogether, there were more than 60 anti-TPP protest actions globally.

This is not the beginning of the struggle for fair trade policy; and it will not be the end. We will be launching a renewed effort to send a message to the world that the 99% stand together in demanding a fair and sustainable future for People and The Planet!.

For more into about the TPP, go to: www.FlushTheTPP.orgwww.PopularResistance.org, www.ExposeTheTPP.org.

Photo credit: Linda Cooke

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