Global Day of Action on Dec. 3:

Letter to the Editor is in today’s Cheboygan Tribune on the topic.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Is anyone following the story of the “Fast-tracked” latest trade deal?
Right now, there is a new trade agreement in the works called The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Some are calling this “NAFTA on steroids”. NAFTA hurt Americans badly, TPP will exacerbate the problem.
Under TPP, the U.S. will be competing with Vietnamese who are paid .30 cents per hour. In my mind the most dangerous thing about trade deals, is that the laws inside a trade agreement TRUMP a nation’s laws. In other words, we are forfeiting our democracy to an International Tribunal.
According to a Sept. 2013 report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in the Chapter: “Gains from Trade”, it’s mentioned that the TPP would only increase the GDP by 0.1% annually—that’s an insignificant gain. Meanwhile the report stated the TPP will continue the downward slide in U.S. Wages; 90% of Americans will see their incomes decrease.
Bottom line, it appears if this trade deal passes:
  1. more lost American jobs,
  2. loss of Democracy via trade deal laws which trump our own State and Federal laws,
  3. our stores will be awash in foods grown and processed in ways that wouldn’t meet our own standards,
  4. increased drug costs,
  5. Internet “police”, a SOPA-like bunch of laws to rein in our Internet freedoms,
  6. TPP binds us to decisions of an international Trade Tribunal, which undermines U.S. Sovereignty.
On Dec. 3, there will be Global Protests against this harmful trade deal.
We have little time, demand the end of the “fast-track”, and allow American voices be heard on this middle-class destroying trade deal! Call the White House, Sen. Stabenow and Levin today. Do your own research and tell your friends about the looming threat of this latest trade deal.
Karen Martin

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