Chile: March Against the TPP in front of The Moneda

Chile: March Against the TPP in front of The Moneda

From T13 in Chile.

Groups of people met to protest the agreement that unites 12 countries in trade relations.

Chile signed onto the TPP and thus joined 11 other countries in a treaty that was negotiated over seven years. The road has not been without controversy.

There are several critics of the deal, accusing secrecy in the way that the TPP was developed , as well as possible damage on issues such as intellectual property and patents of medicines and seeds, therefore the “Best Chile without TPP ” group convened this Thursday at a protest in the Plaza of Citizenship, just opposite the Palace of La Moneda.

Meanwhile , during the day Interior Minister Jorge Burgos defended the treaty (which in the first half of 2016 must go through Congress for approval ) , saying that ” all the major trade agreements that have been the subject of feedback and discussion in the end were approved by huge majorities.”

“There have always been some votes against , arguments, people who demonstrated; in this time with the treaty with the United States, the treaty with the European Union. This is nothing new,” he added.

Who also defended the TPP was the Finance Minister Rodrigo Valdes, who said that during the negotiations, “We did not have to give up practically anything.”