Champaign: Tell Rep. Rodney Davis Illinois doesn’t want the TPP!

Champaign: Tell Rep. Rodney Davis Illinois doesn't want the TPP!

February 4, 2016 at 12 pm.

Location:┬áRep Davis’ office, 2004 Fox Dr., Champaign, IL

Thank you to everyone who was able to take the time out of their day to come to Davis’ office. Good turnout! All the issues and concerns expressed were heart felt and immediate. Thank you to Jennifer, Davis’ Director of Constituent Services, for the time she gave us. We’ll do this again, I’m sure, while we fight this truly life crushing trade agreement.


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Come join various organizations tomorrow, February 4 at 12:00, for the Nationwide Mobilization to Stop the TPP. We’ll meet at Representative Davis’ office to let him know that his support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is not acceptable. The TPP will have horrible repercussions for everything we all hold dear.

We’ll have some signs but make your own with your own message if you like. There will also be a delivery of letters, information, etc., tell Davis how you feel and add it to the drop. If people would like to speak about the TPP and how it will effect your organization, your life, your planet, I think that would be great to share concerns and to help us all understand more about how dangerous this agreement will be.