Call For Participants in New York City MoneyWarz

Call For Participants in New York City MoneyWarz

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secret corporate coup that could destroy US sovereignty BUT WE CAN STOP IT ­čÖé Check out this Dennis Trainor Jr Vid – He’ll be shooting the show:

If you’d like to join Money Wars

a Star Wars parody featuring the TPP Death Star, Darth Banker, Emperor Pipeline, Obama Mummy, Lee Camp, and 50 Money Troopers, to expose this corporate coup in the mainstream media, please RSVP with your phone number and availability for any or all of these events:

There are FOUR schedules to chose from (as performer or stage asst.):
1) Sunday, NOON, this Sunday September 15th, Washington Square Park Arch, NYC.
2) On┬áSeptember 17th, Occupy’s second anniversary, a Preview show at Zucotti:┬á9am to 11am
3) The Big Times Square spectacle: NOON to 3pm
4) OR join us all day with Money Wars ­čÖé

Lead Roles available. “Death” cast: Daniel B.; “Emperor Pipeline” cast: Ted Hall; Lee Camp as himself.

NOTE: all Performers please wear ALL BLACK – long sleeve shirts, long black
pants (black jeans are OK), unless otherwise instructed. Your identity will be hidden in a mask if anyone islooking for ya!
email to┬á[email protected]┬áwith availability and phone.
Money Wars.

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