American Dairy Workers Join International Call for TPP Reform

American Dairy Workers Join International Call for TPP Reform
American, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Workers Voice Serious Concerns about Dangers Posted by Pending Trade Deal
Washington, D.C. – The 35,000 hard working men and women dairy employees represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) as they pursue fair wages, job security and a secure retirement recently joined growing opposition to the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.
Uniting with dairy workers from the National Union of Workers in Australia and the New Zealand Dairy Workers Union, IBT members in Canada and the United States sent a joint letter to their nations’ trade negotiators making clear they oppose, and will work to defeat, any trade deal that “erodes the rights or threatens the livelihoods of workers” from participating nations.
With TPP negotiations, which have been plagued by secrecy and missed deadlines, continuing, workers list three specific platforms that must be included in a final TPP deal to gain their support:
  • TPP must respect freedom of association and the rights of workers in participating countries to collectively bargain and should ratify and uphold the core international labor convention.
  • TPP must not restrict the right of working people to access affordable generic medicines.
  • TPP must not grant foreign investors the right to sue governments.
A copy of the letter can be found online at
The members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Communications Workers of America are united in opposition to a Trans-Pacific Partnership which is too secretive, too complicated, and too damaging to be rushed through Congress via Fast Track authority. Members agree that Congress, granted the sole authority to debate and approve trade legislation, should do their job and fully look at this secretive trade deal, rather than rush it through without full inspection.
For more information on why Americans oppose the TPP, please click here and here.
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