From Monday, November 25, 2013:

RECAP OF THE ACTION: Awesome action, everyone. We had at least 250 people at the height. Great speeches and chanting in the park. We even sung TPP songs to the tunes of I’ve Been Working on the Railroad and My Darling Clementine. We marched a half mile and stood at five different corners and along the street where we figured the route would be. Then around 5 pm, we got word that he was just boarding the plane from San Francisco, was running late and helicopters were waiting at LAX. Thinking that he might get helicoptered into the event and bypass our route, about 50 people did a two mile hike straight up to the fundraiser. The LA Overpass Light Brigade stood with their letters NO TPP at one of the corners. Several stayed and chanted. I went back to my car to drive up. On the way. I passed the folks holding the second banner that says STOP THE TPP: TRANSPARENCY RELEASE THE TEXT. I picked up the banner thinking it was done being used for the night, and picked up some protesters who arrived late. I said I was going to try to avoid the traffic on Benedict Canyon by taking Whittier to cross Sunset. When we got one block south of Whittier, we hit a police barricade, and then it hit me. He was avoiding Benedict Canyon and going up Whittier. So I said “Guys, quick, pull out the banner.” So four of us unfurled the banner and stood in the line of sight. And within five minutes, the entire motorcade passed by us. We were screaming STOP THE TPP at the top of our lungs. So he saw us! Then we drove back up Benedict Canyon where we spoke to the LA Overpass Light Brigade folks who told us the he saw them too. Then we drove on up to the fundraiser where we met the last die hards who said they didn’t see the motorcade, because the cops kept them back. But they did a lot of interviews with the media. So hopefully we’ll be on all the news stations tonight. I, myself, was interviewed on camera by the reporter from KCBS/KCAL. All in all, an successful action. Thanks, everyone for being a part of it. Our work though is not done until we stop the TPP. So stayed tuned to this page. The next action is at Congressman Xavier Becerra’s office, because he refuses to sign the letter opposing fast track authority for the TPP. Everyone else feel free to share your stories from the day and your photos on this page.

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