Trade for People and Planet is an action campaign to replace the free trade model with a trade model that protects workers and the environment in all countries involved. The campaign has evolved from the successful Flush The TPP campaign with the aim to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). As the free trade model has been challenged globally, it is necessary to not only resist corporate trade deals but propose a new way of doing trade: Trade for People and the Planet.

Corporate trade deals affect many issues, including worker’s rights and wages, environmental collapse and climate change, sovereignty of nations and democratic rule of law, Internet freedom and online creativity, food safety and agriculture, healthcare and financial regulation (including controls over the flow of capital), and much more. For a quick overview of some of the issues, click through the slides on our home page.

The Trade for People and the Planet is made so that anyone can participate. We use digital tools to put pressure on key decisions makers and to educate the public, we organize creative protests, and make sure lawmakers and politicians in Washington hear what the people have to say.

People now have enough experience with treaties like NAFTA to know that it is bad for the economy, bad for workers and bad for the environment. The only groups helped by these trade agreements are big transnational corporations who get cheap labor, avoid environmental regulations and secure cheap access to resources.

Since the “Battle in Seattle,” the World Trade Organization has had an impossible time moving forward, as was seen in the failure of the Millennial and Doha Rounds of the WTO. We also stopped the Free Trade Area of the Americas and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment. And at least 15 other corporate trade agreements have not been completed because of widespread public opposition, now including the TPP. This is hopeful news, and together we can stop NAFTA also, which will be a tremendous victory for the people against transnational corporate power!

We are well positioned to defeat NAFTA and day after day people around the globe are demanding that any new deals amongst countries benefit working people and protects the environment. We demand that any new collaborations amongst countries are based on equality and collaboration.