tppprotest2 is an action campaign to Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). We invite you to join us. In order to stop the TPP we need to act quickly and in solidarity with people in other countries. This massive trade agreement is a high priority for transnational corporations, and they are working fast to make it law.

The TPP affects many issues, including worker’s rights and wages, environmental collapse and climate change, sovereignty of nations and democratic rule of law, Internet freedom and online creativity, food safety and agriculture, healthcare and financial regulation (including controls over the flow of capital), and much more. For a quick overview of some of the issues, click through the slides on our home page. While this website is focused on action to stop the TPP, if you want to learn more details about what it is, visit the websites to the right, or check out this list of articles.

Many groups have been working to stop the TPP for a long time, including a number of fair trade coalitions, labor and environmental organizations, and others. (Check out the North American Unity Statement, and add your organization to the list of endorsers.) joined the movement to oppose the TPP and worked with some of these groups to develop this campaign. is set up so anyone can get involved.

People now have enough experience with treaties like NAFTA to know that it is bad for the economy, bad for workers and bad for the environment. The only groups helped by these trade agreements are big transnational corporations who get cheap labor, avoid environmental regulations and secure cheap access to resources.

Since the “Battle in Seattle,” the World Trade Organization has had an impossible time moving forward, as was seen in the failure of the Millennial and Doha Rounds of the WTO. We also stopped the Free Trade Area of the Americas and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment. And at least 14 other corporate trade agreements have not been completed because of widespread public opposition. This is hopeful news, and together we can stop the TPP also, which will be a tremendous victory for the people against transnational corporate power!

Please sign the pledge to flush the TPP!

Organizational Endorsers

Activate CT
Alliance for Democracy
Alliance for Global Justice
Alliance for Democracy Oregon
The Backbone Campaign
California Right to Know
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Center for Radical Honesty
Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor
Common Frontiers Canada
Council of Canadians
Croton Watershed Clean Water Coalition
Democracy in Action – Chicago
Douglas County Greeen Party
Dynamic Environmental Services
Economic Liberty for Main Street, Nevada County, CA
Eugene/Springfield Solidarity Network
Evolver Baltimore
Fair World Project
Family Farm Defenders
Food Democracy Now!
GMO Free Moms Monterey
Greater Boulder Green Party
Greater Boulder Greens
Green Party of Connecticut
Green Party of Monmouth
Green Party of New Jersey
Green Party of Skagit County
Green Shadow Cabinet
It’s Our Future, It’s Our Food
Just Foreign Policy
Just Harvest
Label GMOs: Grassroots California
Latin American Solidarity Coalition
March Against Monsanto Philadelphia
Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas
Milwaukee Clean Clothes Campaign
Marion-Polk Move to Amend
Moms Across America
MoveOn Greater Phoenix Councils
MoveOn East Sacramento County Council
MoveOn’s MidPeninsula American Dream Council
MoveOn Seattle Council
MoveOn Kitsap, WA Council
MoveOn Clallam County, WA Council
Tri Valley MoveOn Council, Danville, CA
MoveOn Dallas Council
MoveOn Denver Metro Council
MoveOn Desert Council, Coachella Valley, CA
Move On Coordinating Council, Grand Rapids, MI
MoveOn San Diego Councils
MoveOn North San Diego County Council
MoveOn Southern Alameda County Council
MoveOn Los Angeles County Council
MoveOn Irvine Council
Johnson County KS MoveON
Tampa, FL MoveOn Council
MoveOn Miami Council
Dallas MoveOn Council
Fort Worth, TX MoveOn Council
Johnson County, KS MoveOn Councils
Long Island, NY MoveOn Council
MoveOn Council of South Palm Beach/North Broward
MoveOn of Hawai’i
MoveOn New York City Council
MoveOn Saratoga Council
Capital Region MoveOn Council, NY
MoveOn /Floridians Against the TPP
MoveOn Plattsburg, North County Council
Westchester’s MoveOn Council, NY
Finger Lakes MoveOn Council, NY
Sullivan County MoveOn Council, NY
Ulster County MoveOn Council, NY
Northern Westchester/Putnam Council, NY
Franklin Hampshire, MA MoveOn Council
Greater Augusta, Maine Area MoveOn Council
Greater Danbury, CT MoveOn Council
New Haven, CT Area MoveOn Council
MoveOn Gwinnett, GA Council
Atlanta, GA MoveOn Council
DeKalb, GA MoveOn Council
Illinois MoveOn South Suburban Council
Illinois 7th District West MoveOn Council
Tulsa, Oklahoma MoveOn Council
Central Oklahoma MoveOn Council
Southwest Regional Oklahoma MoveOn Council
Central Contra Costa County MoveOn Council
Grand Rapids Coordinating Council,
Natural Revolution
NJ State Industrial Union Council
NJ Labor Against War
Northern Kentucky Labor Council
Occupy National Gathering 2013
Occupy Bellingham
Occupy Mendocino
Occupy Portland
Occupy Spokane
Occupy San Miguel (de Allende)
Occupy Western North Carolina
Organic Consumers Association
Pacific Green Party
PeaceRoots Alliance and Nashville Peace & Justice Center
Pennsylvania Fair Trade Coalition
Portland Area Global AIDS Coalition
Popular Resistance
Portland Area Global AIDS Coalition
Radical Art Initiative
Sabaki Gardens Foundation
Searching for Occupy
Stop Monsanto ES, Spain
Trade Justice New York Metro
UAW Local 412, AFT FWISE 3760
United Students for Fair Trade
Washington Fair Trade Coalition
Washington State Democrats
Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition
Women Occupy San Diego
Women Rising Radio
99Rise of Sacramento
WESPAC Foundation
Green Party of NY
Don’t Waste Crawford County
Pax Christi USA
Living Economies Forum
Community Media Producers Association
Occupy Eugene
Our Developing World
Green Party of Snohomish County
Hound Dog Dispatch
WE, the people
Lenawee County Democrats
Zecher and Associates
Immigrant Youth Coalition