A World Without ‘Free’ Trade

What it would look like and how to get there

with Karen Hansen-Kuhn & Helena Norberg-Hodge

Monday, July 11th

Minneapolis: 2:00-3.30 pm
New York: 3:00-4.30 pm
London: 8:00-9.30 pm
Check the corresponding time for your location

Originally posted on Local Futures

For decades, governments and big business have negotiated trade treaties that have steadily shifted power from nation states to global corporations, decimating democracy, livelihoods and communities, while systemically increasing pollution and CO2 emissions.

But opposition is growing. People are waking up to the ‘free’ trade issue and the fact that it concerns us all. Wherever your focus lies – social justice, worker’s rights, climate change, food and farming, animal welfare, community health, environmental protection – it’s time to get trade literate and take part in the resistance against a destructive system that only benefits the 1%.

Join Karen Hansen-Kuhn, Director of Trade and Global Governance at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, and Local Futures’ Director Helena Norberg-Hodge, for our second webinar on ‘free’ trade.

Coinciding with the 3-year anniversary of negotiations on the proposed trade agreement TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), this webinar will review where things stand with the TTIP and its cousin the TPP (Transpacific Partnership). It will also assess the threat that these and other ‘free’ trade treaties pose to localization, and food and farming in particular.

During the webinar we will address the following topics:

The threat to public procurement of local and regional products and services
i.e. public institutions right to choose local products and to support regional businesses and farmers, rather than multinationals

Corporate pressure to harmonize standards to the lowest common denominator
e.g. to allow for sales of GMOs, hormone beef and chlorine-rinsed chicken

The revolving door phenomenon
that allows big business to ‘capture’ regulatory bodies

Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clauses
that allow corporations to sue governments for ‘lost profits’

The growing opposition to ‘free’ trade:
Cross-sector resistance and alliances on national and international levels

Strategies of resistance:
How can we become an active part of the movement against ‘free’ trade

Join us on the 11th of July to increase your ‘free’ trade literacy and learn why resistance to free trade is the most important action we can take to achieve meaningful systemic change.


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